Hollyoaks Hollyoaks confirms disturbing JJ and Oscar Osborne scenes as Frankie reels

Frankie reels by JJ and Oscar development in Hollyoaks

Frankie was absolutely appalled by JJ cruel lie (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Trigger warning: This article contains discussion of child sexual abuse and self-harm.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for Tuesday’s (May 14) episode that is now available to view on Channel 4 streaming. The episode in question will air on E4 on Wednesday May 15 at 7pm.  

Just when you thought JJ Osborne (Ryan Mulvey) couldn’t sink any lower he does exactly that, pinning the blame for a potentially fatal mistake on unsuspecting Oscar (Noah Holdsworth).

The rapist, as viewers know, has been sexually abusing twin sister Frankie (Isabelle Smith) as the long-running soap tackles a storyline exploring the common but under-recognised form of child sibling sexual abuse.

JJ attempted to assault Frankie several months ago after sneaking into her room during the night, with the accompanying dialogue confirming that this wasn’t the first time that he’d done such a thing. 

Frankie made it quite clear that she didn’t want to have sex with him, with JJ claiming that he would stop pressuring her after he discovered that she’d been self-harming but, despite his claims, he subsequently raped her.

Frankie was utterly devastated and, with Nancy (Jessica Fox) and Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) incredibly concerned about her, she agreed to attend counselling, admitting that she’s experiencing night terrors.

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Nancy, meanwhile, agreed to spend the night in her room on the request of Frankie, who knew that their step-mum’s presence would prevent JJ from entering her room after hours.

However, Nancy made quite clear that she would only do so if baby Morgan, who has been under the weather, slept the whole night through. In a bid to ensure this was the case, Frankie gave Morgan her medicine – after Nancy had already done so.

Morgan was rushed to hospital after Darren found her unconscious, with Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) confirming that the baby girl had suffered an overdose. Knowing she only gave Morgan the required dosage, Nancy vowed to find out who was to blame.

JJ framed Oscar for something he didn’t do (Picture: Lime Pictures)

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At 17 Basswood Road, Frankie confided her actions in JJ, who promised to provide her with an alibi and keep her out of trouble – though he warned there would be consequences.

When Nancy arrived home, Frankie kept quiet, claiming she knew nothing about Morgan’s overdose. JJ, however, came from upstairs holding the syringe in hand, claiming that Frankie told him that she found it in Oscar’s room.

Frankie reeled by what twisted JJ did (Picture: Lime Pictures)

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