Here’s the marketing tactic that lead me to make $17,500 for my coaching business from an email list of just 16 people

christie mims

Christie Mims is the founder of Coach Pony, a company that helps new life coaches learn the business side of coaching.
While she’s grown a big email and social community as a part of her business, she was also able to create a sustainable income from a very small email list.
Mims shared with Business Insider exactly what worked in her email marketing: Simply, she sent out a targeted email to a select group of individuals who had engaged with her work before.
Mims argued that this is a strategy that any new freelancer, consultant, or coach should consider when trying to build revenue out of a small customer base.

Are you thinking of starting an online business? Maybe you’re ready to quit your day job, or start a side hustle. And you know that to be successful, you’ll have to build an email list. But every time you sit down to make it happen, you think, “I’ll never reach enough people to support myself!”

Don’t panic! It is possible to support yourself with a smaller community. I’ll break down exactly what I did in gory detail, so you can set yourself up for success.

But before I do, I want to clear up some myths that might be preventing you from taking action, or might become a pitfall along the way.

Myth #1: I need to build a huge email list in order to make a lot of money

You might find yourself listlessly sitting in front of your computer thinking, “How on earth am I going to reach 1,000 or 10,000 people? I won’t sell anything until I find all of them!”

This isn’t necessarily true. Now in full disclosure, sales is a numbers game, meaning that to get one sale you usually need to reach at least several people — so numbers do matter. But you don’t need to reach thousands in order to sell your service or product if it’s something people want.

For instance, while I do have tens of thousands of people in my community, I haven’t needed all of them to generate tons of revenue. I’ve done plenty of launches to email lists that number in the low hundreds (and obviously less — you’ve seen the title of this article!), and I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from each of those tiny groups.

What pushes people from browsing to buying is the relationship that you build with them first. (More on that in a second!)

Myth #2: If I send out some emails, people will buy

Just sending out a few emails to random people in your network announcing your new life coaching business or amazing new essential oils kit will not make people buy from you. Often times it’ll just annoy the heck out of them.

What does work? Sending emails to people who already know you, and have indicated an interest in your product or service.

Maybe they’ve opted-in to a freebie on your website or signed up to receive emails from you, or maybe you met them at a networking event and they …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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