‘Healthy’ McDonald’s item off the menu… because no one was ordering it

McDonald's have stopped serving salads in the US

McDonald’s have stopped serving salads in the US (Picture: Getty)

McDonald’s may not be the first place we think of when we want to pick ourselves up a salad, but they’re a staple on the menu nonetheless.

If you’ve had one too many Big Macs and Chicken McNugget shareboxes, you may be tempted to order a crispy chicken and bacon salad instead once in a while.

But this will no longer be an option in the birthplace of McDonald’s – the big USA.

Why? Well the healthier options on the Maccies menu are not popular at all, so much so that they are being discontinued.

McDonald’s USA president Joe Erlinger made it clear that salads will not be making a comeback to the menu, after their production was halted during the pandemic to speed up operations, as not enough people want them. 

McDonald’s in the US will no longer sell salads because there is no demand for it (Picture: Getty Images North America)

‘The demand just isn’t there,’ McDonald’s USA president Joe Erlinger told the Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum in Chicago last week.

‘They’re looking for great french fries, they’re looking for a $5 meal deal, they’re looking for a hot, fresh sandwich, and so that’s what we’re going to continue to provide them’ he explained of McDonald’s customers. 

But, if you’re a Brit who loves a salad, don’t panic. McDonald’s told Metro that they have no plans to discontinue any of the five salads currently on its menu.

McSalads were introduced in the US as part of the menu in 2000 when the McSalad Shaker debuted, with a huge advertising push.

You can’t walk into an American McD’s and order this (Picture: McDonald’s)

Those who ordered the Shaker would get a tall cup of salad with dressing but customers didn’t latch on as it wasn’t considered substantial enough.

Then, in 2003, the food giant replaced the McSalad Shaker with Premium Salads which were more filling.

These portions included grilled chicken, mix-ins and dressing. Even with a heftier portion, the item went out of fashion with consumers.

So what salad options remain in the UK? The British offering includes a salad with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, sliced tomato and red onion.

The Crispy Chicken Salad available in the UK(Picture: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s uses its 30g of its own Balsamic Dressing, saying the meal comes with 1.4g of fat (excluding the dressing).

Other items which haven’t quite landed in the U.S include plant-based options.

The McPlant burger, which was introduced in 2021, was ditched in America as customers did not favour fake meat.

Made with Beyond Meat, from pea and rice proteins, the McPlant has had better success in the U.K, Germany, Holland and Portugal.

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