Grow your own: Everything you need to know about planting dahlias in your garden

Grow your own: Everything you need to know about planting dahlias in your garden

These beautiful blooms are a popular wedding bouquet choice (Picture: Justdahlias/ Getty)

Big blousy show-stopping dahlias are having a moment. And as the unrivalled stars of the late summer garden, they are also emerging as the flower of love in wedding bouquets and table dressings.

With thousands of different varieties in all shapes, colours, sizes and styles these romantic blooms are perfect for drying as a keepsake of the big day.

And if you are on a tight budget, 
it’s also easy to grow your own to make your flower arrangement 
extra special.

‘Dahlias are such a beautiful romantic flower and offer such great value for money. They start flowering in mid-July and keep going until the first frosts in late October,’ says Philippa Stewart of who turned to flower farming to fund her dahlia obsession, and now grows over 160 different varieties.

‘The more you cut the flowers, the more they produce, and you can also dry them to make them last for years.’

Here Philippa shares her favourite wedding varieties and her top tips to grow your own:

1. Carolina Wagermans

Looks just as pretty dried (Picture: Justdahlias)

I love the coral colour and the shape of its waterlily form, the heads grow to about 12cm diameter and it also dries beautifully – simply hang upside down and allow to dry naturally for two or three weeks in a well ventilated room out of direct sunlight.

2. Pink Jean Fairs

Vintage vibes (Picture: Justdahlias)

I love the vintage feel to this waterlily dahlia – it has a gold tip to the edge of the petals and looks great at a boho wedding.

At 9cm in diameter, it works well in a bouquet. As it dries the colour will intensify to a very bright pink so makes a great winter bouquet.

3. Rossendale Flamenco

Add a poop of purple to a bouquet (Picture: Justdahlias)

The pinky purple tones of this small 8cm decorative shape variety give it an inner glow that fades to a rich yellowy colour in the middle of the petals.

Great for a pop of colour at a table setting and can be dried too for a winter bouquet.

4. Small World

Dramatic petals in a smaller size (Picture: Justdahlias)

This small ball dahlia is fantastic for buttonholes. It’s just 5cm in diameter with white petals and delicate lilac tips.

A bunch is very simple but dramatic looking – especially when it is mixed with other dahlias. This is a good worker that will complement and show off the other flowers.

5. Ms Kennedy

Perfect for an autumn wedding(Picture: Alamy Stock Photo)

This bold ball dahlia grows to 6cm and is a striking burnt orange with a deep terracotta centre.

Will dry even more dramatic in colour – a great autumn wedding choice.

6. Linda’s Baby

Make a statement that lasts (Picture: Justdahlias)

This peach ball-shape dahlia grows to 7.5cm and looks great mixed in a wedding bouquet …read more

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