Greg Craig: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Former White House counsel Greg Craig is being scrutinized by federal prosecutors as part of the Russia investigation, according to CNN.

Craig, who worked at the Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Law Firm, subsequently worked as White House counsel in the first year of the Obama administration, from 2009-2010.

In addition to serving in the Obama administration, Craig also served in the Clinton administration, both as special assistant to the President and special counsel. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Craig Attended Yale Law School, Along With Fellow Classmates Bill & Hillary Clinton

According to The New Yorker, Craig has longstanding ties to the Clintons, and even sublet his apartment to the Clintons (who were at the time un-married) for 75 dollars a month.

2. Craig Is Married to Derry Noyes, a Graphic Designer, & They Have Five Children

According to her LinkedIn, Derry Noyes is a graphic designer who attended the Yale University School of Art from 2004-2006. She designs for the U.S. Postal Office, among other clients.

Craig and Noyes have five children together and live in a large house in Cleveland Park. Subsequent information on their children is largely unknown.

3. Despite Having Close Ties to Clinton, Craig Was One of the Early Individuals Who Urged Obama to Run For President

NEW: SDNY is weighing criminal charges against former Obama WH counsel & former Skadden partner Greg Craig as part of FARA probe. SDNY is also considering action (potentially a deferred prosecution agreement) against Skadden Arps itself. W/ @evanperez

— erica orden (@eorden) September 14, 2018

Despite his longstanding relationship with the Clintons, Craig was a massive supporter of Obama’s presidential campaign, reportedly encouraging Obama toward the presidency even before he announced his bid.

When Obama was practicing for his debates against then-presidential candidate John McCain, it was Craig who stood in as the late senator to spar with Obama. According to Newsweek, Craig served as an informal foreign-policy advisor to Obama in the early campaign days, and was dubbed as “one of the Kool-Aid boys” by Obama.

4. Craig Was ‘Forced’ Out of the Obama Administration, & Reportedly Found Out About His Firing From the Morning Paper

“We’re told that Greg Craig is now facing possible charges of not filing these forms to register as a foreign agent, and that is something that the U.S. Attorney in New York is looking at.” – Shimon Prokupecz on developments in Manafort-linked probe

— The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) September 14, 2018

After a year of service as special counsel to Obama, Craig was offered a federal judgeship by Obama in an attempt to avoid a “high-profile” ouster, according to Politico. Craig declined the offer, and then learned of his subsequent removal by reading the morning paper.

5. Federal Prosecutors Are Now Reportedly Weighing Charges for Craig Linked to a Probe into Paul Manafort

The good news today for Skadden Arps and former White House Counsel Greg Craig, a partner there, is that Manafort’s flip is mostly …read more

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