Grand Designs star Kevin McCloud ‘reported to police’

Kevin McCloud.

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Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud has revealed he was reported to the Metropolitan Police.

In the new series, The Great Climate Fight, Kevin Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and Mary Portas are aiming to kickstart real change by identifying the practical steps that governments and big business can take to eliminate carbon emissions.

Guided by some of the most respected climate experts in the world, they will highlight the areas where they think the government needs to do more, campaigning for tangible improvements in key areas like energy and housing.

However, plans went slightly awry after trying to implore a government minister to listen to concerns about housing standards.

In a clip from the upcoming premiere episode, Kevin was on his way to a book launch for Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove, when he was told about being reported to the authorities.

‘I’m going to this event in Westminster,’ he said to the camera while sitting in the back of a cab.

Grand Designs star Kevin McCloud has been ‘reported to police’ (Picture: Channel 4)

‘It’s a book launch with Michael Gove and with MPs. It’s because he refuses to meet or answer any questions.

‘But then I got this email from the organisers of the event.’

Reading out the correspondence, Kevin relayed how although he’d purchased a ticket, he was going to be refused entry because they had ‘no record’ of him working as a freelancer for Channel 4.

‘I have cancelled your ticket,’ he read out, pulling his glasses off in shock.

‘Not only has he cancelled my ticket, he’s also [told me he’s] reported me to the Metropolitan Police.’

Clearly confused, Kevin exclaimed: ‘For what? For impersonation…of myself?’

It came after organisers of a book launch for MP Michael Gove tried to get his access cancelled (Picture: Channel 4)

However, he later explained how a ‘proper check’ had meant the cancellation was rescinded, and he now also had his press card to show at the door just in case.

‘I mean for god’s sake. I just want to ask somebody some questions,’ he continued.

Kevin then explained he wanted to try and get the MP to agree to a proper meeting with him and also urge him to ‘immediately lift the blocker on local councils setting their own housing standards’.

The politican was due to meet with Kevin for a meeting, but later cancelled (Picture: Channel 4)

‘All it takes is a word from him,’ he adds.

After listening to Gove speak at the event, Kevin asked his question and later ‘lurked outside’ after the event to confirm the MP’s assertion he would meet at a later date.  

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