GOP kicks Trump to curb after deadly Capitol insurrection, leaving president to fend for himself during his historic second impeachment

President Trump Jan 12 2021

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With just eight days left in office, the “adults in the room” who had been keeping President Donald Trump from flying off the rails are leaving him to fend for himself after he spurred his supporters to violently attack the Capitol. 

Sure, most Republicans aren’t joining the charge to oust Trump. But they’re not standing in the way of those efforts either. And they’re not rushing to his defense as they’ve done for the last four years, even in the face of a rapidly moving plan in the House to impeach him again, this time for inciting an “insurrection.” 

There’s no serious effort either involving vice president and other Republicans to send the president out the door via the 25th Amendment. Pence and his team are instead counting the hours until Trump leaves office. 

But Pence’s team has rebuffed any talk that Pence would pardon Trump should the president resign from office or temporarily step down in his final days to allow that move to happen, according to Republicans close to the outgoing VP. 

“It’d be an investigation-worthy thing for sure,” one of the GOP sources said of the legal pickle Pence would end up in should he pardon Trump. “I don’t know that he’s going to want to take it on, especially after the guy treated him like s—.”

Adding to the building acrimony between the two men whose political careers will forever be inextricably linked, Trump has yet to apologize to his vice president for the rioters threatening him and his family, said one Pence advisor, despite their meeting in private in the Oval Office Monday.

The threats to the Trump presidency in the final hours are indeed very real.

House Republican leaders signaled to their rank-and-file members on Tuesday that they would not be lobbied to oppose impeachment. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has privately told others that he would welcome an impeachment of Trump after last week’s deadly attack on the Capitol, according to the New York Times and a Republican close to the White House.

Now it’s a question of whether the flood gates really open. On Tuesday, the third-ranking Republican in the House, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, announced in dramatic fashion she would vote to impeach Trump. 

“There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,” Cheney said in a statement. “I will vote to impeach the President.”

Asked Tuesday if the Republicans were kicking Trump to the curb, one Republican close to the White House replied: “Big time.”

‘He’s not resigning.’

Trump in the meantime has continued trying to deflect blame for the rioters who marched to the Capitol last Wednesday bearing assault rifles, body armor, and military-style tactical gear. They broke into the Capitol after he implored them to march there in protest of the Electoral College ceremony cementing Joe Biden’s place as the next US president. Someone dropped off suspected explosive devices at the nearby headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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