Geri Horner refers to herself with maiden name amid husband Christian’s sexting scandal

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Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner’s marriage has been in the press over recent months (Picture: Michael Potts/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

Geri Halliwell has started referring to herself with her maiden name again amid her husband Christian Horner’s sexting scandal.

The Spice Girls icon, 51, found her marriage in the press recently after the Red Bull boss was accused of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by a female employee of his own team.

Christian was cleared after an investigation, but the matter is still ongoing.

The accuser, who has been suspended on full pay by Red Bull, is now appealing the decision to clear the 50-year-old.

After sticking by her other half, Geri appeared in footage this weekend in which she used Halliwell as her surname, rather than Horner.

Posted to Instagram, the video was a result of her being followed by cameras ahead of Dior’s fashion show at Drummond Castle on Monday (June 10).

Dressed chic in all white and looking glamorous, Geri began: ‘C’est moi Geri, Geri Halliwell’ which translates to, ‘It’s me Geri, Geri Halliwell.’

The Wannabe hitmaker was shown an exhibition from the luxury French brand and fawned over the designs, later taking a seat on the front row alongside Anya Taylor-Joy and Jennifer Lawrence.

Looking radiant, Ginger Spice was dressed in a blazer with a bedazzled collar, paired with a polo neck sweater and matching skirt.

It comes as Geri’s husband, Christian, has been found to have exchanged inappropriate text messages with another woman, who is in her 40s.

The woman in question then approached Formula 1’s HR department, saying that Christian, who wed Geri in 2015, would message her late at night.

She accused him of ‘coercive behaviour’ before an internal inquiry chaired by an unknown KC appointed by Red Bull cleared him.

The pop star used her maiden name in a new video (Picture: Instagram/Dior)

Christian has strongly denied any wrongdoing.

The saga rages on, though, as campaign groups have expressed fury, claiming the complaint wasn’t ‘investigated properly’.

Consequently, the unnamed woman lodged a formal appeal with the F1 parent company GmbH.

After having her pay suspended, the complainant was told she had acted dishonestly and received a legal letter, which gave her five working days on receipt of the letter, to appeal against the outcome of the investigation.

Christian was allowed to continue in his role when GmbH cleared him of any wrongdoing.

When asked about the matter before the recent Bahrain Grand Prix, he said: ‘There was a grievance that was raised, it was dealt with in the most professional manner by the group – not by Red Bull Racing but by the owners of Red Bull Racing, Red Bull GmbH – that appointed an independent KC, that is one of the most reputable KCs in the land, and he took time to investigate fully all of the facts.

Christian has denied any wrongdoing after a woman accused him of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ (Picture: Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Geri has stood by her man (Picture: Andrew Harnik/Getty Images)

‘He interviewed all of the people involved as well as others of interest. He looked at everything and he came to the …read more

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