Games Inbox: Xbox Game Pass Standard changes, Star Wars Outlaws anticipation, and Emio speculation

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Is this good or bad news for Xbox Games Pass? (Microsoft)

The Thursday letters page recommends The Finals and other free-to-play titles, as one reader suggests a new retro style God Of War game.

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Changing tiers
Correct me if I’m wrong but did Microsoft not insist, only a couple of months ago, that there wouldn’t be a new, more expensive tier for Game Pass? I looked it up and this is what they said exactly, in response to the rumours: ‘Upon launch, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be playable on Xbox and PC for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass for console members.’

That’s just not true. Xbox Game Pass for console won’t even exist by the time Black Ops 6 comes out and what they’re replacing it with will not include Black Ops 6. Either they knowingly lied or they’re changing plans so quickly they did a complete U-turn in just two months.

I sorely regret getting an Xbox Series X/S instead of a PlayStation 5 and will not be making that mistake again, especially as I expect most games to be multiformat within a year or two anyway. Game Pass has clearly not worked and it’s only getting more expensive and more restrictive. Microsoft say most people have Ultimate but why should I trust them on that, given their track record?

I didn’t have it and I’m certainly not paying for it now that the cheaper tier is so watered down. As far as I’m concerned Game Pass just isn’t worth the money and I’ve had enough of it.

Place your bets
I don’t think my memory is playing tricks on me, but did Microsoft not say they weren’t going to change the Game Pass tiers because of Call Of Duty? I guess someone did the maths and realised that wasn’t a good idea. For a company that can waste $72 billion like it was pocket change they really don’t seem to have much of a plan.

How many billions of business execs could they have hired for that amount of money, that would’ve offered some better advice than Phil Spencer and his cronies? Or just ask ChatGPT. It really is about time we started replacing our execs with AI, rather than the creative people that actually contribute something worthwhile to gaming.

I couldn’t care less about Call Of Duty, so this doesn’t really affect me, but it just seems to continue the slow downward spiral for Microsoft, as they first deny something is going to happen then in the next breath announce it. How long is anyone going to bet it’ll be before they announce more multiformat games? One month or two?

The dead zone
We’re in kind of the dead part of the year at the moment, for new games, just like usual in the summer, but I do find myself looking forward to Star Wars Outlaws. I know I shouldn’t and it’ll probably just be …read more

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