Games Inbox: Xbox as the biggest video game publisher, Astro Bot hype, and The Outer Worlds 2 absence

Xbox Games Showcase 2024 games

That’s a lot of games (Microsoft)

The Tuesday letters page is happy with Xbox still being the Shooter Box, as a reader asks what a modern day video game crash would look like.

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Xbox family
What can you say about the Xbox Games Showcase other than Microsoft have gone from not a lot of games to a showcase where we got either an Xbox Game Studios, Activision, Blizzard, or Bethesda title screen around 17 times!

Sure, some of it’s just DLC, and a lot was updates on previously announced games, but I don’t know when else I’ve ever seen that many games from one publisher. A decent percentage of that 17 also had dates before the end of next year.

Microsoft seem to have sailed right past having a decent number of first party games, into a new territory where the worst part of the show was that relatively big and decent titles now need to be relegated to those middle slots that used to be full of third party stuff.

Inside story
I know that the rising costs of game development and what the industry is doing (or not doing) about it is a hot topic for you at the moment so I thought you might be interested in this post from a guy who used to work for Square Enix.

It is a very informative and very illuminating breakdown of how we’re in this situation, alongside some very sound suggestions for the various directions available to companies – specifically the larger AAA focussed development studios.

It even reveals the logic behind Square Enix constantly saying their games have underperformed.

He goes into more depth on the financials in this second post and it really does help to put a lot of this turmoil into perspective, especially in light of the number of layoffs across the industry at the moment.

Anyway, thought you may be interested, if you haven’t seen it already.

GC: That’s very interesting, thank you.

Boss gamer
Sorry, but I can’t stand seeing Phil Spencer’s smug mug any longer. Nor am I interested in anything he has to say. Spent all Microsoft’s big dollars then shuttered a load of studios and hid under a rock whilst someone else got wheeled out to make excuses.

Now, they’ve had a good showcase and he comes out gurning and talking about the future and engagement and all that tosh, showing no contrition whatsoever and just bringing out business-speak garbage and now he wants to be forgiven?

He should have been sacked after the fiasco of the last few years, as he has absolutely zero idea of how to engage with his customers and has spent megabucks and only run the Xbox brand into the ground. If that was the business plan, then I guess he succeeded, but it’s not the normal metric of success.

Microsoft need focus and to make Xbox function as its own business. Alas, it is probably far too late for that, and they’ve probably already pivoted …read more

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