Games Inbox: What if Microsoft bought Nintendo, next gen Xbox console, and Final Fantasy on Switch 2

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Nintendo are not up for sale (Picture: Nintendo)

The Wednesday letters page worries about Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game, as one reader is curious about Gargoyles Remastered.

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Corporate intrigue
All the secrets that were revealed from the Microsoft leaks and yet it’s that email about buying Nintendo that takes my breath away with its sheer arrogance, total lack of humility, and complete misunderstanding of how Nintendo think and operate. It read like some ill-informed post by an Xbox fanboy, not a billionaire (I assume) exec that pretends to be an actual gamer.

I’m not going to believe that again. Nintendo controlling its own hardware is precisely and exactly why it’s so successful. It creates unusual hardware for its games, just as much as it does games for its hardware. They’re connected in a way that’s completely different to any other company (especially Xbox and its PC in a box attitude), where Nintendo will happily delay a new console if the launch game isn’t ready and add abilities to the consoles if they think it’d help certain games.

The way Phil Spencer was talking was so disgusting to me. It made it obvious Microsoft is not interested in what’s good for Nintendo or gaming they’re just rich bullies, jealous that they cannot create anything worthwhile themselves and reduced to strip mining actual creatives, destroying everything that makes them unique in the process.

Microsoft could certainly afford Nintendo, and obviously wants to buy them, but I hope they never do. Especially if their only way of doing so is to slowly undermine Nintendo via a mole in the board of directors. For shame on Microsoft and for the first time ever, after years of feeling indifferent, I actually hope Xbox fails now.

Without a clue
I think the news that Microsoft still thinks it could buy Nintendo proves they don’t have a clue what they’re doing in this industry. Nintendo would never allow it. The Japanese government would never allow it in a million years. And it shows they don’t understand the ethos of Nintendo either.

The thought of Nintendo being swallowed up by an American mega corporation and Phil Spencer swanning around pretending he’s doing everyone a great favour is just horrific.

Voice of experience
Wow, that news article about Microsoft wanting to acquire Nintendo was good reading.

I own a Switch and an Xbox Series S myself, for the reason they both provide me with different gaming experiences.

I’ve never been to Japan, so I’m not aware of their culture or how Nintendo are going to take this news, but I’m willing wager it’s going to be somewhere between disappointed and offended, if not both.

To think they can come in and know what is best for a company that has done pretty well for itself over the last 150 years?

Is absurd and quite frankly stinks of arrogance and I think it will bring a lack of trust and …read more

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