Games Inbox: The Last Of Us as the best written video game, GoldenEye 007 remake, and Fallout TV

Portal 2 - not everyone's a fan

Portal 2 – better written than The Last Of Us? (pic: Valve)

The Thursday letters page reacts to Hi-Fi Rush and the Xbox Developer_Direct, as a reader worries the survival horror renaissance is doomed.

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Comedy is hard
I got into an argument today with a friend about the best written video game, inspired, as you could guess, by The Last Of Us TV show. I’m not a great fan of the game and so haven’t watched the show, but I remember the whole thing being disappointingly obvious and quite cliché for the zombie apocalypse genre. It was definitely well written, but I wouldn’t say any particular dialogue or characters stood out to me, and I found the girl quite irritating even though I don’t think she was supposed to be.

I had trouble with my argument though as I couldn’t decide on what I thought was actually the best. In the end I began to think that it was probably Portal 2, since, as I pointed out, comedy is hard and comedy is especially hard over the length of a video game, instead of a five minute sketch. I’d also say Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and the first three Monkey Island games were very good.

I think comedy in general gets underrated, when it comes to movies and shows, but it’s so rare that it’s good in video games that people completely overlook it, because it’s only the serious stuff that ever gets celebrated. And yet for anyone that’s put off of The Last Of Us because it’s too serious I would definitely recommend these alternatives.

Licence to ill
Great to see GoldenEye 007 back on modern formats but was there really nothing more that they could do beyond what are basically ports of the original? Even the Xbox one barely counts as a remaster and the game deserves so much more than that.

I’d love to see a full on remake that’s faithful to the original, not that vaguely-the-same-story nonsense that was the Activision game. It’s probably too late now. Too few people remember the game and while it’s considered a classic on paper nobody treats it like Halo, which I think is unfair as it’s much more interesting to me.

I realise a lot of it is due to unfortunate licensing issue and Microsoft buying Rare but really, there should be something that could be done. I just wish Nintendo would buy the rights off Microsoft and at least make that side of things a bit simpler. It’s not like they couldn’t afford it.

Tango Overdrive
So yet another financial report from Xbox that’s filled with bad news? I didn’t used to be so down on them but I have to agree with the people saying they’re just not good at this stuff. I just watched their Developer_Direct showcase and… it was okay, I guess? I mean there were no games I was interested in, which …read more

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