Games Inbox: The best Xbox showcase ever, Summer Game Fest length, and The Wind Waker remake

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 screenshot

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 – on of Xbox’s big reveals (Activision)

The Monday letters page gives its verdict on the weekend’s two showcases, as one reader hopes Hollow Knight: Silksong will be at the Nintendo Direct.

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Good show
I’ll say one thing for Xbox, they have learned to put on a damn good showcase. Everyone thought the Sony one would be bad, and it was, but at least I really liked the look of Astro Bot. I can’t honestly think of anything in Summer Game Fest I found interesting. I’m sure there were good games in there, but in terms of standout games, nothing comes to mind. And what was that one they finished on? That was just paid for, right?

Summer Game Fest seemed to go on forever too – I’m not watching all that again – whereas Xbox was shorter and had just as many games and a lot were more high profile. You could argue, and you’d be right, that they’re just buying their success but at least they’ve learnt how to leverage their developers to some degree now.

Although I thought it funny how the absolute worst bits were the segues to the execs, all of which were at their cringey, insincere worst.

Some other interesting things to note, I don’t think Xbox had a single live service game to show. I also don’t think it had a single Japanese game either, so I guess that Blue Dragon rumour didn’t come true – unless there was some other role-playing game that passed me by?

Overall, very good. They’re just copying Sony’s format from years back but now Sony should copy it back. The best Xbox showcase ever? I can’t think what would even come close, except for last year’s.

That’s the way to do it
That Xbox showcase was top notch, I have to hand it to them. That is the way they should be done. That is also the way they used to be done and I have no idea what Sony is playing at, at the moment. They not only feel like they’re not trying anymore but that they’ve run out of money and are just coasting on fumes and can’t compete anymore.

I say this as not just a PlayStation 5 owner but someone that doesn’t own an Xbox and doesn’t really have any strong interest in any of the games they showed. They still haven’t escaped the ShooterBox image and Fable was never any good, so I’m still not really sure why they’re bringing it back.

But that’s not the point. They had stuff to show off, it look good visually speaking, and there was not much waffle or time wasting. Whether you care about the games or not the showcase was perfectly done.

I agree that them not talking about multiformat is just kicking an awkward conversation down the road but in attempting to beat Sony at their own game, in terms of showing off their line-up and giving things …read more

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