Games Inbox: PlayStation Showcase put me off buying a PS5, Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities, and Alan Wake 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – were you impressed? (Picture: Sony)

The Friday letters page worries that the whole games industry has lost its way, as one reader looks forward to The Plucky Squire.

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Purchase influence
I wrote into the Inbox a few weeks ago saying I was planning on upgrading to the current gen later this year and was leaning towards an Xbox Series X over the PlayStation 5. I did say I’d wait for the summer showcases before I made my final decision though… and Sony seem to have made it for me! I can’t believe how underwhelming their showcase was. I wasn’t expecting them to announce 10 first party games or anything but after saying the showcase was the official ‘second phase’ of the PlayStation 5 life I was expecting pretty big things and can’t help but feel massively underwhelmed.

Spider-Man 2 looked very pretty and everything but it seemed very QTE heavy and I wasn’t blown away by the 10 minute demo. But to not really announce any other major PlayStation 5 exclusive single-player games really shocked me. I wouldn’t have been that excited by it, but I at least expected Ghost Of Tsushima 2 to be shown, along with a couple of other new exclusives. But nothing? I can only think GC are right and Sony are holding back their big exclusives until the Activision Blizzard deal is sorted?

All Microsoft really need to do now is confirm that Starfield is definitely coming out in September and maybe announce one other exciting Xbox exclusive on 11th June and I think that’ll be my decision made: Xbox Series X it is.

GC: To be fair, Sony didn’t say anything about a second phase, that was insiders.

Another quiet year
As Sony’s first showcase in two years, which are not State of Plays and meant to be about first party stuff, that was also given billing as some sort of next phase of PlayStation 5, the showcase on Wednesday night was terrible.

I’m can’t remember which of those live service games were Sony’s to be honest and for me the Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer was visiting a well-trodden and generic path. I had the Uncharted 4 gameplay trailer in my head when watching it, but watching that back that game looks more interesting seven years ago than Spider-Man 2.

I couldn’t care less about Spider-Man 2, from the trailer I feel like I’ve played that type of game many times already. If you do care though it looks as slick and well made as you would expect a Sony first party game to be. The idea of them putting out a Redfall is incomprehensible to be honest. I’m sure it will do extremely well.

The positive was that all the studios I care about, like Bluepoint, weren’t present so it’s a case of what not being at the showcase was the disappointment, rather than what was shown …read more

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