Games Inbox: PlayStation 6 release date estimate, The Last Of Us vs. Halo TV, and PSVR2 excitement

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Does Sony still believe in generations? (pic: Sony)

The Wednesday letters page wonders if Nintendo will make a tie-in game for the Mario movie, as one reader dreams of Advance Wars.

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One more generation
The rumours that Sony is working on the PlayStation 6 may not be surprising by normal standards but I think it’s interesting that apparently Sony think there definitely will be a next generation and that it will be something similar to usual. Any talk of streaming taking over seems to have been postponed for another generation and so presumably well into the 2030s.

Maybe Sony’s just hedging their bets, and even if they’re not they could just change their plans if there’s a sudden boost in broadband speeds and reliability, but I think consoles are still going to be here for a long time to come.

As for the question of when the PlayStation 6 will be released, I think it’ll just be the usual five years, plus an extra two because of the pandemic. So somewhere around 2027. I could see it being a year or two before that though if Sony don’t go through with the PS5 Pro and feel they need an upgrade. Although I get the feeling they make a lot of those choices reactively, based on what Microsoft is doing.

TV battle
Very interested to see what Microsoft is going to show at their Xbox showcase tonight, although I get the feeling that the new Tango Gameworks game was probably meant to be the big surprise. I also wonder if Microsoft has also started its next generation plans, as rumour start that work on the PlayStation 6 has already begun.

Will Microsoft once again end up last in this current generation of consoles? That probably depends on what Nintendo’s next console but it does seem a strong possibility. Is there ever going to be any point where Microsoft just gives up and admits they’re never going to be number one? That’s hard to imagine but it’s also hard to imagine them ever winning either, when Sony’s first party line-up seems so unassailable.

I can’t help thinking of the difference between The Last Of Us and Halo TV shows, one’s a massive worldwide hit and the other’s a minor success on a service that barely exists outside of the US. Kind of sums up the PlayStation vs. Xbox battle in a nutshell.

Never-ending story
I think we were all sick of hearing about the Activision Blizzard deal last year but the whole thing has got so absurd now that it’s actually becoming quite entertaining. Now Microsoft want to sue Sony into revealing their games line-up, in order to ‘prove’ that Xbox isn’t a threat?

I’d say I’ve heard it all now but I’m sure there’ll be something even more absurd tomorrow. I can only imagine that the person that first suggested the buyout is now cleaning out the toilets at Xbox HQ. …read more

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