Games Inbox: Non-portable Switch 2, Astro’s Playroom update, and Gotham Knights for £1

Nintendo Switch OLED

Should there be a home-only version of the Switch 2? (Nintendo)

The Wednesday letters page wonders if Gears Of War: E-Day might be a next gen launch title, as one reader sells his Xbox Series X.

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The anti-Switch 2
With the summer showcases now mostly out of the way I’m sure the focus will now move to the Switch 2 and when it might be announced and released. Naturally, I have no more idea than anyone else, especially as the rumours about how powerful it is vary wildly.

I’ve heard the suggestion before that there should be two versions of the console, one the basic edition and the second a sort of Switch 2 Plus that is more powerful. I would certainly buy that it if it existed but I don’t think it will, and certainly not at launch, as that’s just not how Nintendo does things.

That would start to get expensive though and what I would suggest is if Nintendo did the reverse of the Switch Lite and made a version of the new console that wasn’t portable but was more powerful. They clearly don’t have a problem with a Switch that doesn’t ‘switch’ so why not use the fact that battery life and component size isn’t a factor to make a more powerful console from the start?

I’m sure they won’t, but that would be my preference and I do think there’s a small chance it will happen a few years into the new console’s life… whenever that is.

Endless cycle
I love how desperate everyone is to know the Nintendo Direct date, even though they know it’s almost certainly going to be a minor one, given the age of the Nintendo Switch. Then we’ll have everyone acting in outrage, as if they’ve been let down, even though they should’ve never expected anything in the first place.

The hype cycle of the internet is not only predictable but it’s stupid. It should have been obvious that Microsoft would have a good showcase. They’ve bought all those companies, did people think they were not going to show off their games? The only surprising thing is that they didn’t talk about their multiformat plans but everything else was pretty much exactly what you would’ve assumed. Especially as there wasn’t anything big that hadn’t been leaked out before.

It was a good showcase, don’t get me wrong, and the PlayStation one was really bad, but neither was a surprise if you were paying attention or applied even a small amount of logic to the current situation.

Surprising timing
I bit the bullet and sold my Xbox Series X last week and, weirdly, it feels like a weight’s been lifted. I got it at launch and I’ve struggled to justify the cost ever since. No worthwhile games that I can’t play on another platform, either now or on the horizon, and it was being used more as a really big, power-hungry Blu-ray player.

And of course Microsoft’s conduct around the Activision …read more

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