Games Inbox: Hopes for PlayStation’s new bosses, Assassin’s Creed Shadows DLC, and Fallout 4 updates

Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan is gone now but does it matter who’s in charge of PlayStation? (YouTube)

The Wednesday letters page worries about last gen games holding back the current gen, as one reader laments the death of Roger Corman.

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Behind the scenes
So PlayStation has gone from no CEO to two, but what is that actually going to mean? Both these people have been at PlayStation for years already, but we’ve never heard a peep out of them about anything. I only recognise the Guerrilla Games guy because of the weird promotional pictures he does, where he’s trying to look all cool in front of the camera, but I don’t remember he doing or saying anything of importance.

Maybe they’re both really good at their jobs, I have no way of knowing one way or the other, but I really hope they’re not just going to be backroom pencil pushers. We need Sony to have a frontman again, someone to inject personality and excitement into the brand – not just rely on PlayStation Blogs and disembodied voices in a State of Play.

On paper PlayStation is still doing well but I can tell you as a fan I have just about had enough of them, with their lack of announcement and games, and I know several friends that feel the same way. Explain to us what is going on and keep us updated. Don’t just rely on the brand to sell, tell us why we should be excited about PlayStation, because I’m really beginning to wonder.

Infinite updates
Bethesda are so lucky that Fallout has been such a big hit at Amazon because these updates for Fallout 4 have been an absolute disaster and show how they haven’t learnt anything over the many years they’ve been doing all this.

So, we had a next gen update that was years in the making and it broke everything, including a massive fan mod that was just weeks away from release. Also, it didn’t really improve anything much and was basically a complete waste of time.

The most popular fan mods then became ways to get rid of the update, so Bethesda released a second update, that made everything even worse… so now we’re waiting for a third update to fix the first two! You couldn’t make this stuff up. Can’t wait for the fourth update that is needed to fix the third one.

Bad currency
I hope Assassin’s Creed Shadows is good, because I didn’t really like Mirage, but this info about microtransactions is already worrying me. What is it for? Surely it’s not multiplayer because they know how that goes and I thought they had a dedicated multiplayer game coming out.

And it can’t be for single-player cosmetics, because why would you need in-game currency for that? Unless Ubisoft is just going to let you buy as many skill points and levels as you want? I wouldn’t put it past them, but surely not.

My thought is that it might be for Assassin’s Creed …read more

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