From freezing bananas to off-season clothes, the best money-saving life lessons

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When life feels overwhelming, there’s something immensely comforting in being told what to do, whether it’s the small things – how to chill wine in 
a hurry or fake-tan your back – or big stuff, such as how to support a friend going through IVF or cope with grief.

Given life’s stresses these days, Sali Hughes’s new book, Everything Is Washable And Other Life Lessons, comes as welcome relief.

Inspired in style, if not tone, by her love of 1950s housewife compendiums, the expansive guide is divided into chapters dedicated to the home, food and drink, fashion, health and beauty, life and finances, and friends, relationships and family. It’s jam-packed with tips and sage advice to help us navigate modern life.

‘I’m a practical person by nature and if people are looking for some kind of release in a friendly, useful book then hopefully I can help with that,’ says Hughes, an acclaimed journalist and columnist from Brighton whose social media followers and friends regularly bombard her with questions.

Here’s a snippet of her life hacks that can save you money and time.

Be savvy when buying second-hand clothing

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‘Always buy off-season, when people are clearing out their wardrobes (a coat in the summer, holiday clothes in autumn/winter). The best way of securing a wearable, high-quality designer item for a fraction of its original cost is to shop for something famously made by another designer. So instead of a Burberry or Aquascutum trench coat, look at Max Mara and APC, both of which are less frequently searched for and cost less in second-hand resale.

‘For high-street clothing, rather than looking for a Topshop tea dress, search its sister brand, Miss Selfridge. You might get it for £5 instead of £25. Get to know the websites and how you enjoy shopping.

‘Do you prefer to pay what the seller’s asking, as on Vinted and Depop, or do you enjoy the thrill of bidding, as on eBay? In an auction, bidding an odd number – £31.26 rather than £30 – could make all the difference. I never bid until the final day, otherwise you just drive up the price.’

Make friends with your freezer

Don’t head straight for the bin (Picture: Getty Images)

‘You’re making things hard, and more expensive, if you need a new recipe every time you cook a dish. Instead, learn how to cook a base for things – whether it’s soup, curry or stew – and then adapt it according to what you have in the fridge.

Also, freeze as much as possible: nuts, bananas (out of their skins), chopped onions, mash, spinach, pastry, egg whites, leftover wine for cooking, peas, herbs, veg offcuts – the list goes on. It’s so much better to put them in a freezer bag than in the bin.’

Box clever with beauty products

Work out what you really need (Picture: Getty Images)

‘I understand a really luxurious texture or beautiful package can be …read more

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