Former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Bekah Martinez went broke competing for love on TV — and she says she’d do it all again

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“The Bachelor” contestant Bekah Martinez was broke after competing on the reality show, she told Glamour.
She spent hundreds of dollars to build up her wardobe with formal dresses, high heels, and other items she needed to go on the show.
The fan favorite quit her job to go on “The Bachelor” and still had to pay rent and bills during filming — while she was making no money.
Martinez said the show left her so strapped for cash that afterward she “returned everything that still had tags on.”

As if competing with dozens of women for one guy’s heart isn’t hard enough, contestants apparently have to shell out a pretty penny to go on “The Bachelor.”

In a recent interview with Glamour, season 22 contestant Bekah Martinez said she was so broke after competing on the show that she “returned everything that still had tags on.”

As INSIDER previously reported, “Bachelor” contestants are not paid for their time filming the show, which is usually around two months. But often they still have to pay for their rent and other expenses back home, while putting their previous jobs on hold — or, in Martinez’s case, quitting their jobs.

“Spending money was a little scary because I basically quit my nanny job to go on the show,” Martinez told Glamour. “…I was like, Well, I’m sure I’ll find one right when I get back…. But I didn’t realize how difficult it would be coming back. I had six weeks of not working, and then on top of that I didn’t get paid at all for being on the show. Plus, I took out expenses in preparation and then had to pay rent and bills while I was gone. I was definitely pretty broke when I got home.”

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Those expenses in preparation for the show included an extensive wardrobe that each contestant needed for filming, including an array of formal and cocktail dresses.

Martinez said the only packing instruction she got was to “prepare …read more

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