Fans shocked after F1 champion obliterates Daniel Ricciardo on live TV

F1 Grand Prix of Canada - Practice

Daniel Ricciardo’s career has nose-divided in the last few years (Photo: Getty)

Formula 1 fans were left shocked and divided after former champion Jacques Villeneuve obliterated Daniel Ricciardo’s career on live TV.

The 1997 world champion is appearing on Sky Sports as a guest pundit for this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix and has earned a reputation for his brutal and often controversial takes.

And he wasted no time getting stuck in in Montreal, unleashing an explosive rant on Ricciardo, one of the most popular drivers on the grid.

The Aussie’s F1 future is up in the air after Red Bull chose not to re-sign him for 2025, extending Sergio Perez’s contract instead.

Once touted as a potential champion, Ricciardo’s performances nose-divided after leaving Red Bull for Renault and then McLaren, getting axed by the latter before being handed a life-line by RB, Red Bull’s sister-team.

‘Why’s he still in F1? Why?’ Villeneuve fumed when discussing the 34-year-old on Friday.

‘We are hearing the same thing now for the last four or five years, “We have to make the car better for him. Poor him”. Sorry, it’s been five years of that. No, you are in F1.

Jacques Villeneuve has become well-known for his brutal opinions (Photo: Getty)

‘Maybe you make that effort for Lewis Hamilton whose won multiple championships. You don’t make that effort for a driver who can’t cut it.

‘If you can’t cut it, go home, there’s someone else to take your place. That’s how it’s always been in racing, it’s the pinnacle of the sport.

‘There’s no reason to keep going and to keep finding excuses, and you all talk about that first season or first two seasons, he was beating a [Sebastian] Vettel that was burnt out, that was trying to invent things with the car to go win and just making a mess of his weekends.

‘Then he was beating for half-a-season [Max] Verstappen when Verstappen was 18-years-old, just starting, that was it, he stopped beating anyone after that. I think his image has kept him in F1 more than his actual results.’

Ricciardo’s RB contract expires at the end of the year (Photo: Getty)

Villeneuve’s rant stunned his fellow pundits and fans back home, with @ScrewderiaF1 tweeting: ‘Just witnessed a murder on live TV,’ though there were plenty that agreed with what the Canadian had to say.

@simpneycrosby tweeted: ‘If I was Daniel Ricciardo I would tweet who the f*** is Jacques Villeneuve and log the f*** off.’

Replying directly to this, @jameswbabington posted: ‘1997 Formula One World Champion. Indy 500 Winner 1995. IndyCar Series Winner 1995. That’s who Jacques Villeneuve is.

‘Don’t ever disrespect a legend of the sport just because he criticised your favourite driver. Especially when he’s achieved more.’

Villeneuve won the 1997 title – and never won a race after that (Photo: Getty)

‘Always liked Jacque, met him at his restaurant (Newtown),’ Mike Damone said.

‘And he’s right…but wasn’t it HIS image that landed him as a partner in BAR Honda? Didn’t he ride on his Dad’s name? Sit down.’

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