Fans had no idea they were on holiday with an EastEnders star until he posted pics

Yolande and Denzel in EastEnders

Jaden Ladega plays Denzel Danes on the soap (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders actor Jaden Ladega surprised oblivious fans during his Turkish holiday last year.

The star, who plays troubled teen Denzel Danes, was enjoying some fun in the sun with fans – who had no idea they were partying alongside him.

Posting sun-soaked pics on Instagram including Jaden posing by the pool.

The actor captioned the snaps: ‘Had some mad nights here. Izmir 2023’

@tonimarie replied: ‘Omg my sister sent me a selfie of you and her on holiday, said you’re staying in the same hotel, so jealous.’

Another added: ‘Just come back yesterday from holiday I was with a lovely boy so so lovely only just found out who he is.’

For months now, EastEnders teen Denzel has been placing his health at risk by using steroids to accelerate his gym training, but now he could be about to find himself in even more danger. 

Having also got best friend Davinder ‘Nugget’ Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) into the performance enhancing drugs, Denzel faces the possibility of his pal’s violent father Ravi (Aaron Thiara) discovering their secret when Nugget’s behaviour begins to raise suspicions. 

In recent scenes, Nugget was nervous ahead of a boxing tournament they competed in and asked Denzel if they needed to up their dose of pills. Denzel scoffed at the suggestion as Nugget struggled with dizziness. 

Later, during a heart-to-heart, Ravi tries to get Nugget to open up and counsels him not to take shortcuts when training.

Denzel turned to steroids after commenters berated his appearance, which led him to research anabolic steroids and uses underhand tactics to pay for them. 

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