Fans go wild after trailer for TV reboot of ‘all-time favourite’ 80s movie

A picture of Lisa Kudrow as the Jolly Roger in Apple TV Plus series Time Bandits

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TV fans have said they are ‘anxiously awaiting’ the reboot of 80s classic Time Bandit after the trailer was unveiled.

The TV adaptation of the British fantasy adventure film is premiering on Apple later this month and stars Friends legend Lisa Kudrow and Taika Waititi.

The first official trailer for the ten-part series has sent viewers into a frenzy with many declaring Terry Gillam and Michael Palin’s OG film as their ‘all-time favourite.’

On X @ShawnChittle, hesitantly said: ‘Anxiously awaiting it. Please please please don’t mess this up. This was a childhood favorite film. Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin are GENIUS.’

@lafcreative enthused: One of my all-time favorite films as a kid!! Can’t wait to see this new adaptation!

Echoing their sentiment, @tkdmonkey raved: ‘Loved the bonkers film as a kid (still do). This series looks pretty epic.’

Friends legend Lisa leads the cast of the TV adaptation of Time Bandits (Picture: Apple TV +)

Fans said they were eagerly anticipating the reboot of the ‘all-time classic’ (Picture: Matt Grace)

The show follows a boy embarking on an adventure through time and space to save his parents (Picture: Apple TV +)

@Greg_Muncino added: ‘Thanks for bringing back the wonder and enchantment I remember from a film that was an absolute Godsmack delight.’

The TV adaptation will follow an 11-year-old boy called Kevin (Kal-El Tuck) as he travels on an unpredictable journey through time and space with a ragtag group of thieves to save his parents – and the world.

The synopsis added: ‘Guided by Lisa Kudrow, the eccentric crew of bandits embark on epic adventures while evil forces threaten their conquests, and life as they know it.

‘As the group transports through time and space, the gang stumbles upon fascinating worlds of the distant past while seeking out treasure, depending on Kevin to shed light on each situation.

There has never been a TV remake of Time Bandits – until now (Picture: Handmade Films/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)

The British film was written by Monty Pythons Terry and Michael (Picture: Handmade Films/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)

The original 1981 film Time Bandits starred A-listers including John (Picture: Handmade Films/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)

‘The “Time Bandits” witness the creation of Stonehenge, see the Trojan Horse in action, escape dinosaurs in the prehistoric ages, wreak havoc during medieval times, experience the Ice Age, ancient civilizations and the Harlem Renaissance, and much more along the way.’

In May, actor Charlyne Yi, who was cast as Judy for one episode of the time travel series, claimed they were ‘physically assaulted multiple times’ and ‘coerced to quit’ the project.

They said on Instagram: ‘I was not safe, supported, or protected. I was physically assaulted multiple times by an actor, as well as psychologically abused.’

In a statement, Paramount Television Studios said: ‘The safety of our cast and crew is very important to us, and we take all concerns that are raised to us very seriously. 

Charlyne claimed they …read more

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