Eurovision 2022 viewers more convinced than ever that Ben Adams is in Norway’s Subwoolfer after ‘bonkers’ and ‘genius’ performance in final

Ben Adams and Subwoolfer in Eurovision

Is it really him?! (Picture: Rex/Getty)

The Eurovision 2022 final has officially kicked off, as fans wait to discover who will walk away the winner of this year’s competition.

One of the biggest talking points so far has been Norway’s Subwoolfer, as the UK’s commentator Graham Norton reminded everyone that it’s highly suspected Ben Adams of A1 fame is behind one of their masks… and we’re obsessed.

Before top contenders Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra and the UK’s Sam Ryder graced the stage, Norway were seventh to perform, as pop duo Subwoolfer delivered a rendition of their track Give That Wolf A Banana that had the entire arena on their feet.

If the reaction among viewers on social media was anything to go by, their ‘bonkers’ and ‘genius’ performance quickly made them many people’s favourites, as several said they’d clinched their vote.

However, some couldn’t help but bring up their suspicions once again that Ben, best-known as a member of British-Norwegian boy band A1, is one half of the act.

‘Christ alive I KNEW it was Ben Adams,’ one convinced viewer said after watching the duo take to the stage.

‘I’m so glad @grahnort said about Ben Adams as it was driving me mad where I knew the voice from! 100% that was Ben,’ another remarked.

One person said that they ‘needed proof’ it was Ben before accepting that was the truth.

‘If the rumour that one of these people is Ben Adams from A1 is true I will actually die,’ another quipped.

Ben Adams?! One of the biggest celeb loves of my life Ben Adams?! 🍌 #NOR #Eurovision

— Hannah (@HannahF_24) May 14, 2022

WAIT. I mean, I’m gonna need to know if one of Subwoolfer is Ben Adams from A1 because that’s a game changer 😂 #Eurovision  #NOR

— lauren. (@lozwinter) May 14, 2022

I hate that I remembered who Ben Adams was before Graham mentioned A1. Imagine if I could remember useful information #Eurovision

— Gem Hill (@Gem_Hill) May 14, 2022

Ben Adams from A1 is a wolf with a banana?? What #Eurovision

— Luke Young (@LukeYoung) May 14, 2022

If it does turn out that Ben is part of Subwoolfer, he would be joining A-list company at this year’s Eurovision.

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Not only is singer Mika one of the hosts of the competition, but The Rasmus proved a huge hit as the In The Shadows band performed their song Jezebel, drawing comparisons to the creepy villain of horror film IT.

Eurovision sure does know how to take its audience by surprise!

The Eurovision grand final is currently airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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