Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle addresses feelings for Vanessa Woodfield as her ex fears for her

A troubled looking Charity Dingle at her home in Emmerdale

Vanessa was back in the village, which meant a reminder of the past for Charity (Picture: ITV)

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) was back in Emmerdale village in Tuesday (February 13)’s episode as Michelle Hardwick returns to the role from maternity leave.

We previously saw Vanessa in scenes with Rhona (Zoe Henry), who had summoned her friend back to the UK to help her out after she fled the village with baby Ivy.

After the police took Rhona into custody for questioning about kidnapping the baby, Vanessa returned to Emmerdale – to the surprise of her sister, Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh).

The sisters soon caught each other up on the gossip, with Vanessa telling Tracy what had brought her back to the UK from Canada early.

In return Tracy told her not very much at all about her split from Nate (Jurell Carter), saying only that she and Nate were better off as friends than as a couple, and leaving out any mention of Caleb (William Ash) at all.

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Tracy wasn’t the only person to be surprised by Vanessa’s return. As she was picking up a few bits to make pancakes with Johnny (Jack Jennings), Charity (Emma Atkins) and Moses (Arthur Cockroft) came into the shop.

Johnny was delighted to see Moses and Charity, but the adults – including Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) – all seemed completely floored to see each other.

Soon Vanessa was filling Charity in on what was going on with Rhona. She was worried that her actions in calling Mary (Louise Jameson) had made everything much worse for Rhona and Charity admitted that she might have played a part because of her conversation with Rhona that helped her decide to take Ivy from the village.

It transpired that Tracy had been keeping Vanessa up to speed with village happenings and she already knew about what had been going on in Charity’s life, presumably including the death of Damon ‘Harry’ Harris (Robert Beck) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter)’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Vanessa recently returned after time away in Canada (Picture: ITV)

Charity is currently dealing with a lot and hiding most of it from everybody, so perhaps Vanessa’s return has come at the best time for her. After Charity had gone, Vanessa remarked to Tracy, ‘She’s not her usual self,’ clearly concerned for her friend.

Back at Jacob’s Fold, Mack was uneasy about the encounter.

He knows the history between Charity and Vanessa, and couldn’t help worrying. ‘There’s no lingering feelings, if that’s what you’re wondering,’ Charity assured him. ‘I’m just glad we can be… friends.’

Mackenzie may have reason to worry, though. Emma Atkins previously hinted that the Charity/Vanessa story may not be over yet – despite the fact that Charity is with Mack and Vanessa was previously in a good relationship with Suzy (Martelle Edinborough).

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