Ellie Warner and boyfriend talk marriage on phone during her return to Gogglebox for first time since his accident

Gogglebox star Ellie Warner and her boyfriend Nat Eddleston

The couple discussed the meaning of a ‘shotgun wedding’ (Picture: Channel 4/Instagram/Ellie Warner)

Ellie Warner made her return to Gogglebox during tonight’s episode, having taken a break to take care of her boyfriend after he suffered a horrific accident.

Not only were fans excited to welcome her and her sister Izzi Warner back to the Channel 4 programme, but Ellie’s boyfriend Nat Eddleston could also be heard on the phone as she gave him a ring.

In March this year, Nat was involved in a life-threatening incident when he was hit by a car, sustaining a broken neck, a broken back and two collapsed lungs and being put on life support, before entering a stable condition.

On the latest episode of Gogglebox – having taken time off to look after her boyfriend – Ellie told her sister that she and Nat had a discussion about the type of wedding they wanted in future, with her boyfriend saying he wanted a ‘shotgun wedding’.

However, she didn’t think he understood what a shotgun wedding means, as it’s typically a wedding that’s been rushed because the bride is pregnant.

‘I went, “Ooh, so that means that you want me to be pregnant before we get married?” And he went, “No”,’ she told Izzi, as her sister burst out laughing.

Gogglebox fans were excited for Ellie and Izzi to return (Picture: Channel 4)

In order to get to the bottom of it, Ellie gave him a call to check if he had mistaken a shotgun wedding for something else.

‘Hello? Nat? Do you know when you said about a shotgun wedding this morning, what did you think a shotgun wedding meant?’ the hairdresser asked over the phone, as he replied on speaker: ‘Forced to get married.’

Realising that Nat did know that shotgun weddings often happen when the bride is pregnant, Ellie asked her partner: ‘So does that mean that you’re going to get me pregnant?’

‘No,’ he replied abruptly, confusing Ellie and Izzi as they hung up the phone.

Several Gogglebox viewers celebrated Ellie and Izzi’s return, sharing how much they’d missed the pair.

Ellie and Izzy are back! #Gogglebox

— Russell Truran (@russelltruran) May 13, 2022

I’m glad Ellie and Izzi is back I’ve missed them #Gogglebox

— Tyrese (@Tyrese54275942) May 13, 2022

i just cried seeing ellie back on #gogglebox (bless her)

— ⓛⓔⓔ ⓙⓞⓝⓐⓣⓗⓐⓝ (@leejonathan) May 13, 2022

Aw Ellie and Izzie are back ❤️#Gogglebox

— Jay Baker (@JayHBaker94) May 13, 2022

‘So happy to see Ellie and Izzi back on our screen,’ one person tweeted, as another wrote: ‘I just cried seeing Ellie back on Gogglebox (bless her).’

‘I’m glad Ellie and Izzi is back I’ve missed them,’ someone else said, as another added: ‘Oh yay! Lovely to see Ellie and Izzy back.’

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