EastEnders spoilers: Major death, secret liaisons and secrets discovered

EastEnders spoilers with Sonia, Linda, Janine,  Ravi and Suki

An Icon dies this week in EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

Life is about to change forever in EastEnders, as everyone’s beloved friend and neighbour Dot Cotton dies.

Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) is given the heartbreaking news, and it’s a tragedy that will have far-reaching consequences across the community.

Meanwhile, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) remains desperate to keep Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) out of her relationship.

With Mick (Danny Dyer) spending more time with his ex-wife, Janine starts to spiral, and soon is delivering bad news.

But how much is true – and how much is a lie?

Your full rundown of next week’s episodes is below…

Monday November 28

Linda worried about the consequences of missing her probation (Picture: BBC)

With Linda worried about the consequences of missing her probation appointment, Sharon begs Mick to step-in and explain to Murray where she was. Sonia prepares for a job interview.

Janine is upset to learn Mick has once again been with Linda and drops some upsetting news on him.

Mick tells Sonia who realises Janine is lying and after confronting her, goes to tell Mick. Janine manages to stop her but Shirley overhears and is suspicious.  Janine later assures Sonia she’ll tell Mick eventually, but Mick overhears – how much has he heard?

With Rocky getting desperate, Bobby does some digging into Sophia and discovers Harvey has sent her money.

Freddie has a plan to help and manages to get hold of Harvey’s phone, screenshotting as much information as he can. Freddie and Bobby later tell Mitch and Rocky their plan but Freddie makes an interesting discovery.

Alfie panics when Kat returns and needs to access Phil’s safe, forcing him to admit he lost £30,000 of Phil’s money.

Kat piles the pressure on to get it back and Alfie gets his hands on some old electric items to sell, however his plan backfires Kat is annoyed to learn Alfie has been living at no.55 in her absence but after some convincing from the boys, she lets Alfie stay.

Stacey question Eve’s motives with Nish and Eve manages to secure a lunch date with him and Suki. Suki is less than happy but Eve tells Suki she’s going nowhere. 

Tuesday November 29 

Harvey sends more money to Sophia as Rocky, Mitch, Bobby and Freddie tell him everything (Picture: ITV)

Janine panics as Mick questions what she’s keeping from him. Linda thanks Mick for his support with Murray and they share a touching moment. Sharon reveals the date who stood Linda up, Karl, was actually a miscommunication and he’d like to see her.

Mick rallies Linda on but Janine interrupts. Shirley sees straight through Janine and alone, calls her out for her lies.

Janine’s mood darkens even more and worried, Sonia makes a mystery call. 

Rocky wonders if they should tell Harvey what they’ve discovered but when Dotty barges in and learns what’s happened, he realises they have to.

As Harvey sends more money to …read more

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