Dewie Brewton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dewie Brewton, a Florida teacher from Forest High School, was placed on administrative leave after a student shared a shocking video showing him drowning wild raccoons with the help of other students. The mother of the student who filmed the video said a possum was drowned too. She said the raccoons were drowned because they ate the students’ chicken. But parents have expressed outrage about what happened, while some former students have come to his defense.

Here is what you need to know about Dewie Brewton.

1. A Mother Said that Dewie Brewton Had Students Help Him Drown the Raccoons in Trash Bins and Run Water Hoses in Their Faces When They Tried To Get Air

Dewie Brewton

— Rasa Samimi (@SamimiRasa) May 16, 2018

A freshman student at Forest High School filmed Dewie Brewton drowning two wild raccoons in a garbage bin during class, with the assistance of the students in his class. The heart-wrenching footage showed a raccoon in a metal trap being lowered into a garbage bin that was filled with water. Some students help while other students watched. The mother of the student who filmed the incident said that Brewton had pinned the raccoons and caught them in cages before telling the students to drown them. She said the raccoons were held down with metal rods when they tried to get air.

“When the raccoon would try to pop its head up they held water hoses in its face to drown it,” she told Daily Mail.

It’s actually not unusual for raccoons to eat chickens. Experts warn that one raccoon can devastate an entire flock of chickens, killing the birds and eating the eggs, because raccoons tend to be intelligent predators. When raising chickens, deterrents should always be used such as not leaving food out that might attract raccoons, not leaving chickens to run loose in a yard at night, and enclosing them in secure coops that raccoons can’t get into.

You can watch a video of what happened, which may be graphic for some viewers, below, provided by At one point in the video, you can hear someone saying “Why is he not fighting?” as the raccoon sits in a trap filled with water. At another point, you can hear a student suggesting to put “him” in a smaller cage and put that cage “back in there.”

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2. The Student’s Mother Said Brewton Threatened To Give a Referral To Any Student Who Filmed or Photographed What Was Happening

A freshman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told his mom that Brewton had threatened to give a referral to any student who filmed or took pictures of what was happening, KRON 4 reported. The student recorded what was happening anyway because he knew what was happening was wrong, and later shared the video with his mom.

She said her son was devastated by the drownings. “He knew while it was happening …read more

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