Dad shouted ‘this is it’ before suffering stroke that left him trapped in own body

couple who got married two weeks after stroke

Steven Brown, 39, has been left paralysed and can only blink now after he had two strokes (Picture: PA Real Life)

A man who has been left paralysed following two strokes has married the love of his life just two weeks after it happened.

Steven Brown, 39, from Gateshead, married Alyson Brown, 36, and she said she would always be by his side ‘in sickness and in health’.

Steven was told by a pharmacist in April that he had high blood pressure after he complained about blurred vision, intense pain, and dizziness.

He was taken to hospital after Alyson noticed his lip and eyes slanted and was told he had a cerebellar stroke.

Steven then had another stroke on June 13 of this year and shouted ‘this is it’ before he collapsed.

Alyson said: ‘I rang 999 and as I was on the phone to them, his breathing went really deep so I had to shout next door to the neighbour to help me put Steven on his side because his body had stiffened with the seizure.’

Following the operation friends and family felt positive but he soon developed locked-in syndrome.

This means that while he is still able to see and hear and has to communicate just through blinking – one blink for no, two for yes.

The couple managed to get married in the hospital room (Picture: Family Handout/PA Real Life/PA Wire)

Steven pictured before he had his two strokes (Picture: Family Handout/PA Real Life/PA Wire)

He was still determined to get married (Picture: Family Handout/PA Real Life/PA Wire)

It is caused when there is a complete paralysis of voluntary muscles except for the ones that control eye movement.

It got so bad for Steven that at one point he felt like ending his own life.

‘(I had) the realisation that I’m never going to get him home to our home, and also not wanting to go to our home because it’s where I saw him so poorly and I thought I lost him that day,’ Alyson said.

She was still determined to marry Steven and staff asked him whether he still wanted to marry her to which he gave two blinks.

Before the big day Steven’s friends held him a stag do in the hospital room where they watched an England Euros match.

Alyson hopes that Steven will slowly recover over time (Picture: Family Handout/PA Real Life/PA Wire)

‘(The hospital staff) got flowers for us and they got a wedding cake for us and they lined up and down the corridors,’ Alyson said.

‘The hospital staff decorated the room and used pillowcases on the chairs and stuff like that, they had been really creative, and all of his friends and family all wore Newcastle tops.

‘His son Rocco was his best man and obviously Steven wasn’t able to put the ring on my finger so his son did it for him which was super emotional.

‘We were able to forget, just for one day, and it just really expressed the meaning of marriage. I couldn’t see anyone else in the room.

‘Everyone said he …read more

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