Crusty cookers, filthy floors and broken fridges – inside the grim kebab shop fined £3,000

The state of this takeaway in Lincolnshire was stomach churning (Picture: SWNS)

The state of this takeaway in Lincolnshire was stomach churning (Picture: SWNS)

Cookers were encrusted with dirt, work surfaces were covered in grime and meat was being stored at unsafe temperatures.

The conditions inside a fish and chip shop in Boston, Lincolnshire, were so revolting that the owner was fined almost £3,000.

Pisces takeaway was discovered in disarray when investigators turned up at the chippy last year.

Health inspectors, who visit outlets to ensure they are maintaining food hygiene standards, discovered a litany of hazards that will make you wince.

Even the fridges were broken on three occasions between July and October 2022.

During inspection, the cookers were found to be caked in dirt and burnt food, while the work surfaces were grimy.

Walls, ceilings and floors were filthy and chicken and kebab meat was being stored at unsafe temperatures.

A cooker was completely covered in old burnt food, grime and dirt (Picture: SWNS)

Grease and debris was smeared across surfaces near food (Picture: SWNS)

A food preparation surface was in vile condition (Picture: SWNS)

Pictures taken from inside the kitchen show just how grim the state of the food preparation areas were.

Chopping boards appeared to be smothered in dirt, while many cooking appliances and surfaces looked unclean.

Yasin Nabi, who owned the restaurant at the time, was fined £2,972 for a string of offences.

Boston Borough Council said Nabi, 39, had ‘not met basic standards of cleanliness and hygiene over the course of several months’.

Meat was being stored at unsafe temperatures: (Picture: SWNS)

A chopping board in the kitchen looked like it hadn’t seen a washing bowl for quite some time (Picture: SWNS)

The floors and walls were in disarray (Picture: SWNS)

He pleaded guilty to breaching the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 Act.

Councillor Callum Butler said: ‘The public have a right to expect safe food, and we as council work hard to safeguard Boston residents’ health and wellbeing.

‘This case reinforces the message that we will not hesitate to prosecute food businesses that show a disregard for the safety of their customers – food safety standards are there for a reason.

‘The prohibition order should serve as a warning to other food businesses that we will use every means at our disposal to keep our residents safe.’

The kitchen was covered in dirt (Picture: SWNS)

Debris, dirt and spilled food was strewn across surfaces (Picture: SWNS)

A door in the kitchen looked revolting (Picture: SWNS)

Pisces Fish and Chips is now under new ownership.

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