Creative ways companies big and small are supporting employees with kids as schools and childcare facilities remain closed — and the benefits that come from doing so

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Many parents are concerned about how they’ll handle childcare when returning to work, a Monster survey of US respondents showed.
Companies of all sizes are bolstering childcare aid, from crisis childcare reimbursements to providing a facility for kids.
PricewaterhouseCoopers added additional stipends for parents, Origin USA turned one of its warehouse facilities into a childcare center, and Dentaly allowed for a flexible work schedule.
Helping parents out also helps businesses beyond increasing employee productivity: It helps with tax writeoffs and employee retention.
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An exclusive survey shared with Business Insider by global online employment platform Monster shows that more than 84% of the more than 350 US respondents are concerned about how they’ll handle childcare as they return to work during the coronavirus crisis.

The survey, which ran on Monster last week, showed that a majority of respondents (62.1%) are “very concerned” about being able to find affordable childcare when they return to work, and more than half (52.8%) believe that their financial and childcare situation will not be the same when they return to the office. Additional concerns among working parents include finding safe and reliable childcare givers (42.1%), keeping their families healthy (39.6%), and being able to afford the necessary care (18.3%).

With workers’ minds clearly full as they return to the workplace, employers of all sizes are striving to ease the load on their employees by providing a range of childcare options to get them through this dilemma.

PwC adds a crisis subsidy to its range of childcare solutions

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) beefed up its already strong program for working parents by adding a crisis childcare reimbursement stipend to its suite of childcare solutions.

On a regular basis, PwC offers its employees up to $2,200 in emergency childcare support, plus an additional back-up care reimbursement of up to $1,000. The company also provides unprescribed sick leave for all full-time and part-time staff scheduled to work at least 1,000 hours per year. During the COVID-19 crisis, the company allowed workers to secure back-up care using their own personal network, including a family member, neighbor, friend, or babysitter, and provided an additional $1,200 to back this program.

The organization accompanies its cash outlay with an array of complimentary support programs, according to Mike Fenlon, PwC’s chief people officer, and invested heavily in a remote work structure prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 that enabled it to lean on flexible work arrangements once the pandemic broke out.

“We recognize the unique challenges being faced by parents who are juggling work life with homeschooling and childcare amidst school closures,” Fenlon told Business Insider. “We have also built upon our longstanding approach to flexibility as many peoples’ lives and routines have been changed. For example, we have a whole suite of wellness resources including mindfulness sessions, group coaching for parents, access to virtual exercise modules, and tips on blocking time and planning staycations.”

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