Colorado shooting suspect’s father was on TV series Intervention for meth addiction

aaron brink

Aaron Brink has gone viral for a shocking interview he gave after his son Anderson Lee Aldrich was accused of killing five people in a LGBTQ night club (Picture: CBS News 8)

The father of the Colorado Springs shooting suspect was previously on multiple US TV shows speaking about his drug addiction and time as an adult film star.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is accused of shooting and killing five people at LGBTQ bar Club Q on Saturday.

His father, Aaron Brink, has now gone viral for a shock interview with CBS 8 News where he claimed he praised his son for being violent growing up, and appeared far more concerned Aldrich was at a gay bar than that he was accused of murdering five people.

In the interview, he recalled the moment he had been told Aldrich had been arrested, and said: ‘They started telling me about the incident, a shooting… I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared. “S***, is he gay?”

‘And he’s not gay, so I said, “phew,”‘ Brink said, adding that he is ‘a conservative Republican’ and ‘I don’t do gay.’

As clips from the interview began spreading on social media, viewers pointed out that Brink had been on television before – most notably for a 2009 episode of US series Intervention.

Brink spoke about his addiction to crystal meth and porn in 2009 episode of Intervention (Picture: Intervention/A&E)

The father of the allege shooter spoke about his dislike for gay people and said he had praised his son for violence growing up (Picture: CBS 8)

The show sees people face up to and attempt to beat their addiction, with Brink’s episode seeing him admit to being addicted to meth, porn and sex.

In the episode, it is explained that Brink – who was an MMA fighter and then turned to adult films – lost both careers due to his addictions, and at the time was taking crystal meth and masturbating ‘up to 12 hours a day.’

His wife, Vanessa, talks about running out of options as she tries to deal with his addictions throughout the episode. And several years later the pair ended up on another US show: Divorce Court.

Brink spoke about his addiction and said he was now sober in an episode of Divorce Court (Picture: Divorce Court/ YouTube)

That episode saw Vanessa tell Judge Lynn Toler how his additions had impacted her life, including him taking her credit card to use crystal meth.

Brink admitted at the time that his drug addiction ‘was the downfall’ to their four-year marriage, however he insisted at the time he was now sober.

During the shocking interview with CBS 8, Brink said he had only recently learned his son was alive, having allegedly been told he had died by suicide in 2016.

Brink was an MMA fighter turned adult film star before his meth addiction caused ‘permanent damage (Picture: Facebook)

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