Colorado shooter’s dad said his first concern after attack was if son was gay

Interview with Aaron Brink, father of the Club Q shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich, in Colorado Springs

Aaron Brink has spoken about the mass shooting said to have involved his son (Picture:CBS 9)

The dad of the Colorado shooter who is accused of killing five people in a gay club said he was relieved to find out his son is ‘not gay’.

Aaron Brink – a former porn star – who lives in Southern California, said being gay did not align with his families religious values.

His son, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, has been accused of shooting five people dead and injuring 18 others in the massacre at a gay club in South Colorado at the weekend.

Speaking to CBS8, Brink said: ‘They started telling me about the incident, a shooting involving multiple people.

‘And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I said, ‘God, is he gay?’ I got scared, ‘Sh*t, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, ‘Phhhewww’.’

He added: ‘You know Mormons don’t do gay. We don’t do gay. There’s no gays in the Mormon church. We don’t do gay.’ 

The Mormon Church has confirmed that while Aldrich was a member, he has not been active in some time, The Daily Beast reported.

The Colorado shooter’s dad on finding out his son murdered people: “They started telling me about the incident, a shooting… And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I am a conservative Republican.” (@CBS8)

— No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen (@NoLieWithBTC) November 23, 2022

He said he was relieved as he said his first thought was that his son was gay (Picture:CBS 9)

Anderson Lee Aldrich appeared in court for the first time this week (Picture: AP)

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Aldrich opened fire at Club Q shortly before midnight on November 19 before he was subdued by two bystanders.

Aldrich was initially hospitalized with unspecific injuries but was transferred to the El Paso County Jail on Tuesday, according to authorities.

In Brink’s interview with CBS 8 he apologized for his son’s alleged actions and said that there was ‘no excuse for going and killing people.’

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‘If you’re killing people, there’s something wrong, it’s not the answer,’ he said.

At the same time, Brink, who is a recovering methamphetamine user, ‘praised his son’s violent behavior.’

‘I told him it works, it is instant and you’ll get immediate results,’ he said.

Brink told the broadcaster that he didn’t know that his son was still alive.

He claims that Aldrich’s mother, Laura Voepel, had …read more

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