Chocolate fans baffled after spotting iconic Christmas treat in Tesco already

Tesco Supermarket, vehicle entrance

Tesco shoppers spotted the treat in the supermarket. (Picture: Getty Images)

It’s only just starting to feel like summer is actually here, but it seems some people are already looking ahead to Christmas. 

Tesco shoppers have been going wild after spotting a festive favourite on supermarket shelves recently, with large tubs of Quality Street and Celebrations for sale.

The popular chocolates have caused a stir online as some were thrilled to see the sweets and have started stocking up for December 25, while others thought it was far too early to be selling them.

A snap of the tubs was shared on social media in the Food Finds UK Facebook group by Andrew Steer, who said: ‘These were getting put out in Tesco Express today not Christmas already is it.’

Some people were equally as baffled by the decision, with Sarah Potter joking: ‘They’ll be placed next to the hot cross buns.’

While Zoe Bates wrote: ‘Saw these in our Tesco earlier and thought blimey that’s early!’ As Anne Martin posted: ‘I see these and thought should I start to pick some up for Xmas then thought I’ll most probably end up eating them before.’

People are torn over whether or not the sweets should just be sold at Christmas time… (Picture: Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images)

Others claimed that the chocolates shouldn’t just be associated with Christmas, as they could be enjoyed all year round. A few also suggested the tubs would make an ideal end of term gift for teachers. 

‘Chocolate is for life, not just for Christmas,’ commented Lisa Bland, and Cameron christian agreed: ‘It’s only chocolate, I don’t see an issue.’

Kim Wheeler, who works in retail, shared some behind-the-scenes info, revealing that it’s very common for shops to have seasonal stock available months ahead of schedule, saying: ‘We start getting Xmas stock build during summer holidays. We start getting Creme Eggs etc a few weeks before Xmas.’

And she’s not wrong, supermarkets and other shops will often put out festive items in advance, and there’s a very sneaky reason why they do this.

Psychotherapist Kamalyn Kaur previously told that it’s a psychological trick that encourages shoppers to buy more.

If you spot something on sale for Christmas now, you might be tempted to stock up, thinking it will save you money in the long run. However, by the time December rolls around it’s likely you’ll have tucked into the chocolates already, meaning you’ll need to buy more again.

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‘Shops will often strategically introduce seasonal items well in advance of the actual holiday or event to create a sense of anticipation and excitement that can prompt early purchases,’ Kamalyn explained.

‘Seeing products displayed now can serve as a visual or subconscious reminder of the event, which can encourage people to start planning their Christmas celebrations well in advance.

‘In some cases, if Christmas chocolates are displayed earlier or introduced at cheaper prices then it …read more

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