Charles DeShazer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charles DeShazer

An Aurora, Colorado police officer fired in the summer of 2017 after making a racist slur was just reinstated by that city’s Civil Service Commission.

Then Aurora Police Department Lt. Charles “Chuck” DeShazer made a vile racist slur to describe African-American bystanders during a call for assistance from Denver Police who were chasing a suspect into Aurora.

DeShazer’s comments, which were captured on police body cameras, were made to fellow cops, not to members of the public. Officers reported his conduct and he was fired by the Aurora police chief.

This was not the first time DeShazer got into trouble for inappropriate comments and racist remarks.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Aurora, Colordao Police Lieutenant Charles DeShazer Called Black People ‘Alabama Porch Monkeys’

Aurora Police officer Charles DeShazer was reinstated after he was fired for making a racial slur.

What DeShazer said is not in dispute; it was recorded. “We got the Alabama porch monkeys all contained.”

According to Aurora Police Chief Nicholas Metz, on June 18, 2017, then-Aurora police Lt. Charles “Chuck” DeShazer “made a highly inappropriate and racially inflammatory comment while on the scene of a Denver Police Department officer involved shooting following a police pursuit.”

“The offensive statement was caught on the body worn camera of another officer, and was reported internally by two APD supervisors who were also at the scene and heard the comment. An internal affairs investigation was immediately initiated. Following the investigation,” the chief wrote. “I terminated Lt. DeShazer on September 1, 2017.”

DeShazer was fired but appealed his termination.

2. After a Hearing, the Aurora Civil Service Commission Reinstated DeShazer Despite Agreeing His Statement Was Repugnant * Had Made Other Offensive Remarks

As was his right per the city’s charter, Metz said, DeShazer appealed his firing to the Civil Service Commission and a hearing was held in late June. On June 29 the commission agreed DeShazer needed “substantial discipline,” but reinstated the cop though he was demoted back to sergeant and will not receive back wages. The Commission was aware that DeShazer had previously been written up at least three times before inclduing once for making sexually offensive comments.

On the Aurora Police Department social media accounts, including its Facebook page, Metz shared his full statement on De Shazer. Residents largely were angered the officer was reinstated but praised the chief.

“The short version for the non-readers: the chief did everything in his power to fire the racist, but the commission, in it’s not-so-infinite wisdom, decided to be lenient. The racist was demoted, but gets to keep his job. Now the only thing that can be done is to teach him, as a community, that racism is stupid, since every individual is an individual, with their own personality and moral code which is not decided for them by their race,” wrote Lesley Mays.

@AuroraGov Mayor Bob LeGare and City Council members: Why would you rehire a documented racist like Lt Charles DeShazer? As an Aurora resident I am appalled at his behavior and yours. This man …read more

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