Cassie has every right to accept Diddy’s money

Cassie Ventura and Sean 'Diddy' Combs together on a red carpet

Diddy and Cassie’s legal battle wasn’t long but will no doubt make a lasting impact (Picture: Backgrid)

It was inevitable but some of the discourse around Cassie settling her rape lawsuit against her ex Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been tragic. 

Details of the agreement between the two stars have not been revealed but it’s widely assumed that Cassie received money in exchange for dropping her lawsuit against Diddy, who vehemently denied the serious allegations levied at him. 

Her decision has been met with a hideous reaction from critics on social media, many of whom are questioning her motives in bringing the lawsuit against Diddy in the first place. 

Opinions range from the supportive – Cassie wanting to finally speak her truth – to the insulting – that it was a money shakedown all along. 

However, an alleged victim accepting a financial payout isn’t proof of lying – if anything, it reflects badly on the accused, at least in the court of public opinion where a trial or criminal investigation is absent. 

Cassie had every right to accept the money as much as Diddy had to defend his name and fight against the lawsuit, of which the details are horrifying. 

Cassie accused Diddy of serious allegations (Picture: FilmMagic)

The R&B singer, full name Cassandra Ventura, instigated a lawsuit last week accusing Diddy, 54, of rape, physical abuse and sex trafficking throughout their 11-year relationship, which ended in 2018.

In the legal documents, Cassie, 37, explained how she began dating the hip hop mogul when she was 19 but was eventually introduced to drugs by the rap producer and ‘forced’ to have sex with male prostitutes in front of him. 

As the document progressed, the allegations only got worse and were preceded by a rare trigger warning in block red capitals on the first page.

Cassie went on to claim how Diddy blew up Kid Cudi’s car when he thought the rapper was ‘romantically interested’ in dating the singer, and even that she had an MRI scan for memory loss that she believed may have been caused by a ‘beating’ Diddy gave her. 

In the #MeToo era, many of us have heard, seen and read it all when it comes to the traumatic experiences women have been subjected to by those in power, but Cassie’s account of her relationship with Diddy might just be one of the most harrowing I’ve read yet. 

Diddy’s guilt has by no means been proven through his decision to settle, but it must have taken a lot of courage for Cassie to come forward after so many years and share her story, knowing that she would receive a level of criticism.

Therefore it’s heartbreaking to see her intentions being called into question so frivolously on social media. 

Cassie will now get to put her relationship with Diddy behind her (Picture: Getty Images)

The terms of Cassie and Diddy’s settlement are currently unknown (Picture: Getty Images)

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