Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020. Here’s everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

Bernie Sanders

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Current job: US senator from Vermont. Running for president of the United States as a Democratic candidate.

Age: 77

Family: Sanders is married to political consultant Jane Sanders, and has one biological son (Levi) from a previous marriage and three stepchildren (Heather, Carina, David).

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

Political party: Independent but caucuses with Democrats

Previous jobs: Mayor of Burlington from 1981 to 1989. Member of the US House of Representatives from Vermont’s at-large district from 1991 to 2007.

Who is Bernie Sanders’ direct competition for the nomination?

Based on a recurring series of national surveys we conduct, we can figure out who the other candidates competing in Bernie Sanders’ lane are, and who the broader opponents are within the party.

The average Sanders-satisfied respondent said they were satisfied with 3.3 other candidates, which is the lowest average number of rivals for a candidate in the race. That’s good: it means that people who like Bernie tend to be narrowing down their choices. His supporters are committed, sure, but the “Bernie-or-bust” crowd may be a bit of a myth: it’s worth noting only 15 percent of his supporters said they were satisfied with him and him alone.
Despite their ample political differences, as the two most popular candidates with experience running for the presidency both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden would be satisfactory to large groups of people who said they’ll vote in the Democratic primary. All told, about 50% of people who’d be satisfied with Sanders as nominee would also be satisfied with Biden as the nominee.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is also popular among those who’d be satisfied with Sanders. Indeed, Warren is in the unique position of being the only contender as or more popular among Sanders supporters than she is among Democratic primary voters as a whole. Of those who’d be satisfied with Sanders as nominee, just under half said they’d also be satisfied with Warren as nominee.
Much like Biden supporters, the people who would be satisfied with Sanders as nominee are unique in that they are very cool on other Democrats. Let’s compare people who like Sanders as nominee with the general set of Democratic primary voters. The percentage who would be satisfied with Kamala Harris as nominee is 10 percentage points lower than the overall set of Democrats. We see numbers that are nearly as bad for O’Rourke, Booker and Castro.
This was worse earlier in the cycle, so we’ll potentially see Sanders fans warm up to other people in the field. Sanders fans uniquely dislike Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who performs nearly 20 points worse among Sanders backers than Democrats overall.

INSIDER has been conducting a recurring poll through SurveyMonkey Audience on a national sample to find out how different candidate’s constituencies overlap. We ask people whether they are familiar with a candidate, whether they would be satisfied or unsatisfied with that candidate as nominee, and sometimes we also ask whether they think that person would win or lose in a general election against President Donald Trump.

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Source:: Business Insider


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