Bellroy is a little-known brand that makes some of the best wallets, work bags, and travel accessories out there

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Bellroy makes some of the best wallets and accessories the Insider Reviews team has ever tested.
Because Bellroy was one of our earliest reviews, we decided to retest its products.
We’re glad to report that we remain impressed with the quality and value of the products.

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Bellroy is one of my favorite accessory brands, and I’m not alone. It’s been a top choice on Insider Reviews since the shopping advice vertical was launched in 2014.

We’ve been obsessed with the brand for a while, to the point that we’ve written about them a number of times – we’ve lost count – and tested most of its products. Several Bellroy wallets have made their way into our guide for the best men’s wallets.

Founded in 2010, Bellroy has expanded from wallets to backpacks, briefcases, phone cases, and more, and has increased its distribution around the world.

Given this expansion, the Insider Reviews team thought it was high time to make sure that Bellroy’s quality has held over the years. Some of us are still using our original wallets from earlier this decade, but are the company’s products still up to par?

In a word, yes. We’re still tremendously impressed by Bellroy’s designs, attention to detail, choice of material, and manufacturing quality. We took a look at a few of the brand’s products; keep reading to see exactly what we thought about each of them.

Click over to Bellroy’s website to browse the full collection, or head over to Amazon to shop.

Check out a few of our favorites, below:

Designer’s Edition Slim Sleeve Wallet

Slim Sleeve Wallet (small)

I’ve used the Slim Sleeve ($79) as my primary wallet for a few years now, and it’s held up impressively well. Bellroy has since developed “Designer’s Editions” of a few of its products, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to compare the “DE” Slim Sleeve to the original.

Like the original Slim Sleeve, the Designer’s Edition is a well-designed, clever wallet, which makes the most of its small footprint to hold cash and 4–12 cards, but still fit comfortably in a front pocket. The leather is definitely an upgrade, with enhanced details. It would make a great gift for a guy’s birthday, or something like a graduation or Father’s Day. That said, the original edition is still excellent, and at $60 less expensive, it’s probably a better option for most people. — David Slotnick, senior transportation reporter

Slim Sleeve Wallet

Slim Sleeve Wallet …read more

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