Baby Reindeer fans in shock over ‘surreal’ ‘real Martha’ Piers Morgan interview

Fiona Harvey on Piers Morgan Uncensored

Fiona Harvey appeared on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored this evening (Picture: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Netflix has well and truly outdone itself this time, as Richard Gadd’s drama Baby Reindeer – based on his real life experience with a stalker – just took a sinister turn into the real world.

Fiona Harvey, who claims to be the inspiration behind stalker Martha – who harasses, sexually assaults, and physically abuses comedian Gadd in the series – has appeared on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored in a tell-all interview about her so-called depiction in the show.

The Scottish lawyer, 58, hoped to set the record straight after internet sleuths tracked her down online, believing she was the ‘real Martha’.

The 34-year-old writer and actor Gadd pleaded with online detectives to leave the ‘real Martha’ alone but to no avail.

Harvey is said to be considering legal action over her portrayal in the hit series, which Gadd admits is based on a real story.

Chatting to broadcaster Morgan, 59, on tonight’s Uncensored Harvey said she thinks Gadd is ‘obsessed’ with her and denies having even watched the series, and most of Martha’s actions in it.

Piers quizzed her on being the ‘real Martha’ from Baby Reindeer (Picture: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Harvey said she only knew Gadd for a few months and called Baby Reindeer ‘sick’ and ‘misogynistic’.

‘It’s been horrendous,’ she said. ‘It’s a work of fiction, hyperbole, and there are two true facts in that that he’s Richard Gadd and was a jobbing barman.’

Recalling when she met him – which she said was 10 to 12 years ago – Harvey claimed: ‘He didn’t offer me a cup of tea. I was in for a meal with a drink of Lemonade. I’m diabetic so I was very hungry.’

She said Gadd ‘commandeered’ the conversation she was having with another barman, adding: ‘He seemed to be obsessed with me from that moment onward.’  

Harvey did admit she had a reindeer toy, but ‘categorically’ denied he ever turned up outside her house as depicted in the show.

The interview was explosive (Picture: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

When asked about the 41,000 emails, she said: ‘That’s simply not true. Absolutely not. None of that is true. I don’t think I sent him anything. There may have been a couple of emails.’

She did admit to having tweeted Gadd around 18 times, and didn’t understand Piers’ question about Martha in Baby Reindeer signing off ‘sent from my iPhone’ – seemingly pretending to own one.

Harvey, who claims to have a photographic memory, also denied having sexually assaulted Gadd, assaulting his girlfriend, or launching at him across a bar – something Martha did in the show.

Viewers took to X saying how surreal it was that Baby Reindeer is seeping into real life television.

‘OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The interview so far is surreal!!!’ said @neetal4u, while others called it ‘bizarre’.

Earlier today Harvey said she felt ‘used’ by Morgan looking back at the interview.

Harvey told the 

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