Baby Reindeer fans horrified over ‘unfathomably disgusting’ meet and greet event with ‘real Martha’

Kasbah Nightclub Coventry advertising a meet and greet with 'real Martha' Fiona Harveu

Baby Reindeer fans branded the event and advert as ‘absolutely vile’ (Picture: @kasbah_coventry/Instagram)

Baby Reindeer viewers are appalled a nightclub has organised a personal appearance with Fiona Harvey, thought to be the inspiration behind Martha.

A promotional poster posted on the business’s social media accounts has advertised a meet and greet, autograph signing, and selfies with 58-year-old Harvey.

It also included an obscene reference to a message about ‘hanging her curtains’ Martha, played by Jessica Gunning, sends the comedian she’s stalking Donny, portrayed by the show’s creator Richard Gadd.

The poster read: ‘Fiona Harvey aka Martha from Baby Reindeer. A personal appearance where she will sign autographs, take selfies and maybe take some lucky reindeer home to hang her curtains!’

The bottom of the promo read ‘sent from my iphon’, echoing the same, misspelled signature Martha in Baby Reindeer would use to sign off her messages to Donny in Baby Reindeer.’

Fans were outraged that a nightclub was exploiting Gadd’s real-life experience of stalking for commercial gain and raised concerns over Harvey’s safeguarding – after she last week said she felt ‘used’ in an interview with Piers Morgan.

The venue is advertising a personal appearance from Harvey this weekend (Picture: Pixel8000)

Fans are horrified the nightclub is exploiting Gadd’s trauma for commercial gain (Picture: Gregg DeGuire/Variety via Getty Images)

On Instagram, Ryanprew99 fumed: ‘If this is real it’s a disgrace and you should be ashamed.’

Agreeing with their sentiment, Chiragpraakash raged: ‘Unfathomably disgusting @kasbah_coventry. Don’t think I’m ever going to kasbah again.’

Withlovemicah also added: ‘As a business you should be appalled that you need to use a male’s sa story to gain customers. absolutely vile.’

Luizegraustina said: ‘Is this a joke?? How are you planning to safeguard this woman?’

After the internet sleuth unveiled the ‘real Martha’ despite pleas from Gadd to preserve her anonymity, she was interviewed by Morgan on Uncensored in a two-part special.

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