Austin McBroom discusses his ‘real beef’ with Bryce Hall ahead of their headliner fight

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On June 12th, 12 of the internet’s most rambunctious influencers will face off in a “Battle of the Platforms” boxing match presented by Social Gloves at the Hard Rock Stadium. With an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people in attendance and many more watching the Pay-Per View online, this event continues the recent trend of influencers punching each other in a regulated environment for financial gain. 

Austin McBroom of the Ace Family, with 19 million YouTube followers, will headline the event in a fight against TikTok star Bryce Hall, who has 20 million TikTok followers. McBroom spoke to Insider in an interview ahead of the fight.

McBroom believes he’ll have the upper hand in this weekend’s brawl

Hall and McBroom have been publicly feuding for months, with Hall posting a text message conversation between the pair in March and the pair getting into a scuffle at the May press conference. 

all this because I won’t accept his little fight and now he’s crying because he cant pay his cleaning lady 😢 @AustinMcbroom

— Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) March 10, 2021


“Him and I definitely don’t like each other,” McBroom told Insider. “We have real beef, I wouldn’t say I hate him but just don’t like him. He’s young and immature and I’m going to teach him a lesson.”

According to McBroom, he originally had three potential targets on his list: Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and then Bryce Hall. With Logan fighting Mayweather last weekend and Jake going a “different direction,” this left Hall who he described as “young and immature.” 

For the past three months, McBroom says that he’s been training every day with regularly running, preparing at the gym, and cryotherapy. He’s taken this opportunity to try and transition his content out of the family-friendly vlogs that have allowed him and his wife Catherine Paiz to become successful influencers who in 2019 purchased a $10 million Los Angeles home. 

“My brand is a lot different than all these other guys,” McBroom said. “I’m able to step outside my brand a little bit with this event and let people know I have to do things a little differently in order for this to happen.”

Though family vlogging and lip-synching might be two different forms of content, both McBroom and Hall are linked in their affinity for being tied up in internet drama.

Having a feud or a beef helps build the excitement for the match and McBroom believes it is crucial for fan engagement.

“Fans want to see beef, whether it’s real or fake, it doesn’t matter,” McBroom said. “We can’t just go up there and say we are best friends, I don’t think anybody would be interested in that. There definitely has to be some animosity.”

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