Audrey Roberts makes a sad admission over suicide attempt in emotional Coronation Street scenes

Audrey Roberts at the Platt household in Corrie

Audrey opened up to Maria (Picture: ITV)

Back in 2022, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) in Coronation Street tried to end her life.

She was seen in hospital all alone talking to a doctor, who wondered why she had taken so many sleeping pills.

Audrey told the doctor it was a mistake, but he was right to be concerned, as he had evidence that suggested she deliberately overdosed.

During an afternoon with her friends, Audrey opened up about experiencing loneliness after the death of her husband Alf, and how she recently felt suicidal. She confessed that her cataracts, alcohol dependency and the treatment by her family all contributed to her reaching the decision.

Fortunately, Audrey has made positive changes to her life and is a lot happier now than what she was.

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Source:: Metro


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