Amazon’s Comixology has provoked a fierce debate in the comic-book world, but creators say it could help revitalize the industry


Comic books have had to adapt to a rapidly evolving industry in recent years, and Amazon’s digital-comics service, Comixology, could lead the way forward.
Since Amazon acquired the company in 2014, Comixology has introduced an Unlimited subscription program with over 15,000 digital comics, and Comixology Originals, books that are exclusive to the service.
CEO David Steinberger doesn’t rule out that the original comics could be developed into TV series or films in the future, as Amazon has first-look rights, but the focus right now is on comics.
According to Sensor Tower, the Comixology app has been installed by 7 million Google Play and App Store users since 2014.

Amazon is a media and retail giant, but one industry it has sunk its teeth into that often goes overlooked: comic books.

The company acquired digital-comics service Comixology in 2014, when it was just a seven-year-old company with an iPhone app. Since then, it has launched a subscription service called Comixology Unlimited, that gives access to thousands of digital comics for $5.99 a month, and launched “Comixology Originals” this year, a selection of creator-owned original comic books exclusive to the service.

As services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix change TV-viewing habits, the comic book industry — which has for over eight decades been a mostly print industry — has had to adapt to unreliable sales and a changing media landscape, as well.

According to ICv2, a comic-industry analysis site, comic and graphic novel sales were down 6.5% in 2017. The industry has slightly rebounded in 2018, but sales are still down 1% as of August compared to that time in 2017, according to industry-research site, Comichron.

In response to a shifting status quo, DC Comics, home to some of the biggest characters in pop culture like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, launched its own streaming service this year, called DC Universe, with original TV series and a vast comic catalog.

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Disney, which owns Marvel Entertainment, is launching a streaming service late next year called Disney+ and is already developing Marvel TV projects for it that would spin off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Image Comics, which publishes “The Walking Dead” and other creator-owned comics, launched comics subscription service Image Direct in 2015. And Dark Horse Comics, whose most popular property is “Hellboy,” announced this year a service called Dark Horse Direct, which will focus on selling merchandise.

“The goal is getting our products into as many hands a possible,” Melissa Lomax, the director of e-commerce for Dark Horse, told The New York Times in July.

If you apply that philosophy to the entire comic-book industry — getting the products into as many hands as possible — that’s what Comixology is all about, according to CEO David Steinberger.

“Our mission at Comixology is to make everyone on the planet …read more

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