Alison Hammond leads A-list line-up for Comic Relief’s The Traitors sketch as Dawn French conquers Claudia Winkleman’s fringe

Alison Hammond

Is there anything this woman can’t do? (Picture: BBC)

In a series of bizarre crossovers, Faithful Maddy Smedley and the ultimate Traitor Wilfred Webster were joined by Alison Hammond, Danny Dyer and even Dame Merry Berry.

As Dawn French became ‘half woman, half fringe,’ also known as Claudia Winkleman, the roundtable grew as intense as ever.

The Traitors returned to our screens with the celebrity version we’ve all been waiting for – and it truly delivered.

Dawn (or rather, Claudia) entered the roundtable grilling in a classic jumper, with the neck getting as high as ever in a nod to Claudia’s signature look.

‘Who are the Traitors?’ she warned, as one by one, hoods were uncovered.

And every single time, we were stunned.

Claudia, is that you? (Picture: BBC)

Dawn paired the signature look with Claudia’s range of gloves (Picture: BBC)

First came Alison, newly announced as the host of Great British Bake Off, who jammed to ‘Hammond time’ before being asked who she thought the real Traitor was.

Well it wasn’t Stephen Merchant, he said, nor was it Ewan McGregor’s Obi Wan Kenobi, or Big Zuu.

Also around the roundtable were comedian Rosie Jones, and Dame Mary, who was far more interested in the cake rather than playing detective.

Even Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared (Picture: BBC)

Dame Mary was distracted by cake (Picture: BBC)

At the sound of ‘pure evil’, EastEnders’ Danny lifted his hood up, defending himself against any accusations.

‘It might not be me treacle, but someone around this table is a meat and potato… a Traitor,’ he added, before the dramatic EastEnders music begun.

He then pointed out his co-star, our very own Maddy.

Revealing herself, she delivered her signature line: ‘Well, I was in one episode of EastEnders, I played a woman called Rita, and I played a woman without a womb on Casualty’.

Look who it is! (Picture: BBC)

Danny could barely keep up (Picture: BBC)

She then went round, much like she did in the series, calling out who she was convinced was a Faithful or a Traitor.

And when she got to Wilf, it was like some things had never changed.

‘Maddy can you give it a rest?!’ he cried, before pointing his own finger at Dawn’s partner in crime, Jennifer Saunders.

Eventually, all the contestants were revealed, including Anne Robinson and David Gandy (who had their own Tom and Alex moment).

Reunited! (Picture: BBC)

She returned! (Picture: BBC)

And finally, the Traitor was revealed, and of course, it was Claudia who did it.

‘You don’t sound like me, you aren’t as orange as me, and your wig is much, much better than mine,’ Claudia told Dawn, taking over her rightful place.

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