Ali Lowitzer Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ali Lowitzer is a Spring, Texas teenager who vanished on April 26, 2010, seemingly without a trace. Her case was featured in Season 9 of the Investigation Discovery Channel’s Disappeared program.

What happened to Ali Lowitzer? Her full name is Alexandra Lowitzer, and she remains missing. There is a website devoted to finding Ali. You can find information for providing a tip about Ali Lowitzer here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ali Lowitzer Got Off the School Bus & Was Not Seen Again

Ali’s mother Jo Ann Davis Lowitzer still has her daughter’s missing poster prominently displayed on her Facebook page. She’s plastered her page with other photos about Ali’s case. There is also a Facebook page devoted to Ali’s disappearance that is called Hope for Ali; Alexandria Joy Lowitzer.

According to the Hope for Ali Facebook page, Lowitzer disappeared after getting off the school bus in Spring, Texas, her hometown, and was walking to her job to pick up her paycheck. However, she never made it there and “never came home,” the site reports, adding that very few clues have emerged in the case.

The page contains heartbreaking messages, such as this post from 2015: “In 7 days you will be gone 5 years. It still feels like yesterday that I last saw you. But at the same time it feels like an eternity of torture.”

Ali was 16 when she vanished. According to the Charley Project, Alexandria Joy Lowitzer was last seen wearing a “white t-shirt or spaghetti-strap top, a gray hooded zip-up sweatshirt, black and white checkered skinny jeans and black sneakers. Carrying a blue LG/AT&T slide cellular phone and a multicolored checkered backpack with a dark-colored strap.”

2. Ali’s Mother Pushed the State of Texas to Make the Date of Ali’s Disappearance ‘Missing Persons Day’

ABC 13 talked to Ali’s mom in spring 2018 and reported that she remains a tireless advocate for finding her missing daughter.

According to the television station, the state set of Texas has made the date of Ali’s disappearance a day devoted to missing persons, and the national observance falls on the birthday of Ali, who would be 24-years-old in 2018. “I’ve had to be brave and find my own courage and I hope she’s doing the same,” her mother told the television station.

The Disappeared show also focuses on a private investigator hired by the family who believed that Ali might have been the victim of human trafficking in Columbus, Ohio. However, Reddit threads have raised questions about that account, such as why, if the PI had seen a girl she thought was Ali, there was a delay in trying to rescue her.

In other clues, another private investigator hired by the family found that tipsters had reported seeing a white truck pulled over where Ali was last seen and even managed to get a few numbers from the license plate, according to WAFB-TV. That led to a theory that Ali could have been linked to …read more

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