AI has so much potential. Why are we using it to create women with big boobs?

AI models Hailey Lopez and Amy Everhart

AI beauty contests are here (Picture: Instagram/hailey.lopezxo/amyeverhart96)

It’s 2024 and I feel like defending beauty pageants.

Yes, really.

But there’s a valid reason – reading the ridiculous news that social media platform Fanvue, a rival to OnlyFans, is preparing to judge the first Miss AI contest.

The competition will pit digital creators from across the world against each other in a bid to win the top prize of $5,000, all while promoting toxic beauty ideals in the process.

I’m lucky. I’m old enough that I didn’t grow up constantly bombarded with images of what women should look like. Just in weekly and monthly magazines, and some adverts, rather than all day every day, staring at me through my phone.

But for young women growing up today, social media means it is relentless, with proven and damaging mental health and body image effects. An AI beauty contest will surely only turbocharge that.

And aside from the damaging mental wellbeing effects of drawing perfect women and making them compete with one another, it offers another example for detractors of AI to cite.

Artificial intelligence has so much potential – it can literally save lives – yet here we are, using it to create unrealistic women with huge boobs.

AI model Hailey Lopez (Picture: Instagram/hailey.lopezxo)

It’s true that the winners have yet to be decided, and we might be pleasantly surprised should the organisers decide to promote body positivity and diversity, but the evidence so far isn’t encouraging.

If you’ve seen an AI-generated woman – and you almost certainly will have, even if you didn’t realise – chances are they looked very similar to all the other AI-generated women.

A beautiful, symmetrical face, glowing skin, perfect brows and lips. Thin. Mostly white. Often with large breasts, scantily clad and in ‘sexy’ poses.

They are the 100% pure embodiment of the Western male gaze, and a completely unrealistic ideal for young girls and women to match.

And (here’s my brief defence of traditional pageants) unlike in real-life, where contestants get the opportunity to showcase often incredible talents – past winners have been highly-accomplished ballet dancers, musicians and scientists – these hopefuls really have little to offer but their looks.

In addition, two of the ‘judges’ will also be AI-generated women and, you guessed it, they’re strikingly beautiful, thin and have large breasts.

One, Aitana Lopez, is Spain’s ‘first AI model’ and reportedly earns her creator Rubén Cruz up to $10,000 a month by modelling clothes for her army of Instagram followers.

The other, Emily Pellegrini, is so realistic – and, obviously, incredibly attractive – that footballers, billionaires and tennis players have reportedly slid into her DMs.

Her creator said: ‘The goal was to make her likeable and attractive. I wanted to keep her as real as possible.’

Irony is truly dead.

Thankfully, according to reports, Aitana and Emily won’t actually be doing the judging, but rather their creators.

That could save the organisers potential embarrassment, given AI judges have been accused of racism in the past.

When asked to judge 6,000 real contestants from …read more

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