Acne sufferers say this £14 serum ‘actually works’ and makes skin ‘brighter and clearer’ in days

Image of model with Glow Hub The Scar Slayer Face Serum

Do you have some pigmentation or scars left behind from acne? Because this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. (Picture: Metro/Getty/Glow Hub)

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For anyone that’s ever-experienced acne, whether that’s during teen or adult years, the scarring it leaves behind can make you a little self-conscious.

But with over three million views (and counting) on TikTok, one beauty influencer thinks she’s found the solution.

Amelia Olivia originally told fans back in 2022 about Glow Hub’s The Scar Slayer Facial Serum, priced at £14, and ever since, the product has sold out multiple times for being a ‘miracle’ worker when it comes to pigmentation and smooth scarring – left behind from acne.

The acid serum is infused with Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C, targeting dark spots and promoting an even skin tone.

Enriched with skin-brightening Vitamin C, this serum not only imparts a radiant glow but also shields against free radicals that stress the skin.

Better yet, enhanced with a probiotic blend, it aids in maintaining skin health and preserving its optimal condition.

The Scar Slayer Facial Serum

Achieve a more even skin tone, reduce scarring, and diminish dark spots with this illuminating, clarifying, and texture-refining serum infused with tranexamic acid and vitamin C.

Formulated to brighten and enhance radiance, vitamin C also provides protection against free radicals that can stress the skin.

Additionally, our probiotic blend supports skin health, ensuring it remains in optimal condition.

Say hello to your ultimate solution for scar reduction.

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After using the serum herself for just two weeks, Amelia showed off her before and after results – leaving fans in awe, and obvs they then rushed to get their hands on it.

Naturally since this review first appeared on the social media platform, it’s since gained popularity and numerous five-star reviews.

Glow Hub fans have then rushed to the website to express their love and own results after using The Scar Slayer.

One reviewer expressed: ‘After just 10 days of using this, I’m already planning to repurchase. It’s significantly reduced my rosacea… I can see a noticeable improvement in my skin’s natural appearance.’

WOW! Would you just look at these impressive results?! (Picture: Metro/Glow Hub)

Another customer added: ‘As someone who has struggled with acne and blemishes for a long time, I’ve had many dark marks and light scarring. I’m nearly done with my first bottle of this serum, and I absolutely love it… The formula is potent yet gentle and feels wonderful on the skin.’

Gabi, a fellow five-star rater said: ‘I brought this 4 weeks ago but was really sceptic as I’ve used other acne scar treatments before like bio oil and …read more

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