Aaron Schlossberg: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A New York City lawyer has been accused of going on a bigoted rant against employees of a Manhattan restaurant because they were taking orders in Spanish and speaking in the language to each other. Aaron M. Schlossberg was identified by social media users on Wednesday, WPIX-TV reports.

Schlossberg, 42, runs his own law office in Manhattan that is next door to the Fresh Kitchen restaurant where the incident occurred. He did not respond to emails and phone calls from Heavy about the video and the outcry on social media. The video was first posted on Facebook on Tuesday, May 15, by Edward Suazo.

“They where on there [sic] lunch time and ordering there [sic] food and just because they where speaking in Spanish to the waiter this asshole jumps in and started to call the waiter and my wife and her best friend all types of names and threatened to call I.C.E on them and the employees,” Suazo wrote. “What a big man talking down to couple of women and a helpless employee. I wish someone tells me I can’t speak in my native language! First of all they wasn’t talking to you!!”

The Gothamist first reported on the video. Witnesses told the news site that the man was thrown out of the restaurant. The incident happened as customers were waiting for salads at the Fresh Kitchen on Madison Avenue near 39th Street, Gothamist reports. Shaun King, an activist and writer for The Intercept, posted on Twitter on Wednesday asking for people to name the man in the video. Three hours later, King posted Schlossberg’s name and info about his law firm. He said he was contacted by Schlossberg’s college classmates who identified him as the man in the video. Fresh Kitchen has not commented about the video.

Here’s what you need to know about Aaron Schlossberg and the incident:

1. The Man Can Be Heard in the Video Ranting ‘I Pay for Their Welfare’ & Threatening to Call ICE to Have the Workers ‘Kicked Out of My Country’

Who this this bigot in Midtown Manhattan? What’s his name?

Please share this.

Here he is harassing & insulting two women for speaking Spanish…TO EACH OTHER in the middle of Manhattan.

Trump has empowered ugly white people like this to say whatever they feel like saying.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) May 16, 2018

The 55-second video, which you can watch above, begins with the man identified as Aaron Schlossberg talking to a Fresh Kitchen employee, telling him that his staff is speaking to customers in Spanish, “when they should be speaking English.” The employee tells them sometimes they do, and Schlossberg turns around and points to the counter, saying, “every person I listened to, he spoke it, he spoke it, she’s speaking it, it’s America. Your staff should be speaking English, not Spanish.”

Bystanders can be heard reacting angrily as Schlossberg begins to leave, telling the employee he will be following up. “My guess is they are undocumented. …read more

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