A year later, I’m still impressed with how easily the Dyson V11 vacuum picks up cat kibble, hair, and dust

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The Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum (usually $699) improves on previous cordless vacuum models with a more powerful digital motor, adaptive cleaner head, longer battery life, and LCD screen. 
There’s no getting around it — it’s an expensive vacuum. My yearlong experience with it, however, has shown me the V11 is an extremely efficient, thorough, and worthwhile cordless option. 
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Dyson’s cordless stick vacuum cleaners are the rare breed of cleaning tool that can spark lively debates over family dinners. For every person who would rather funnel hundreds of dollars to a different device or appliance, there’s another who can’t imagine life without their Dyson vacuum. 

The latest addition to the lineup of powerful, lightweight, and sometimes contentious vacuum cleaners is the Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum ($600), and it’s Dyson’s most advanced cord-free device yet. 

It launched in 2019 as the final product of more than 300 engineers’ work and 32,500 prototyped parts. The model features the company’s most powerful cleaner head and longest-lasting battery, plus a new LCD screen and a more hygienic bin-emptying design. 

Specs of the Dyson V11 Torque Drive 

With the main Torque Drive cleaner head, the vacuum weighs less than seven pounds and is approximately four feet long. It comes with five additional cleaning attachments: three tools (mini motorized, combination, and crevice) and two brushes (mini soft dusting and stubborn dirt) that you can switch out for the Torque Drive head. 

The big deal about this high torque cleaner head is that it can detect differences in floor surface and automatically change the suction power when appropriate, saving overall run time. This system, called the Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) and unique to the V11, senses resistance at the cleaner head’s brush bar — say, for example, when you run the vacuum from a hard floor onto a carpet — and adjusts accordingly. 

The cleaner head itself has stiff nylon bristles to remove stubborn dirt from carpets and anti-static carbon fiber filaments to catch all the dust hiding in small crevices. The brush bar spins 60 times a second as it sucks up the dirt and dust in its path. 

The other obvious difference with the V11 is the LCD screen at the top of the handle, which lets you switch between cleaning modes (which differ by suction strength and run time), informs you of remaining run time, detects blockages and shows you how to clear them, and sends reminders to clean the filter. 

On Auto mode, the V11 adapts to and deep cleans a variety of floor types with a balanced amount of suction power. Eco mode is made for lighter, longer cleans, while Boost mode provides up to five minutes of super-powerful, intensive cleaning. 

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