A sneering attitude
to universities and
a tale of two fogies

Rear view of young student wearing graduation gown with graduation cap in her commencement day.

If you’re capable why not? (Credits: Getty Images)

So, it’s not living longer that’s caused pension age to rise – it’s all those graduate students, at least according to one reader in MetroTalk, Mon.

Rishi Sunak has already talked about a crackdown on so called; ‘rip-off’ degrees last year. But, isn’t this just anti-intellectualism designed to keep the working-class out of universities? In today’s MetroTalk, a reader shares why we should never let university become the preserve of the middle classes.

Meanwhile, readers discuss America’s two elderly election candidates, why we’ll be waiting a while to see any benefits from Brexit and why there are so many pot holes.

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‘Why should the working class be denied the right to better themselves?’

So Fred from Hampshire (MetroTalk, Mon) harks back to the supposedly halcyon days of people leaving school at 16 rather than going to university.

My parents left at 15, because they had to. I was the first in my extended family to luckily go to university, in 1981, followed by my three younger brothers.

We have five degrees between us and all earn well over £50,000. We all own our own homes now (no money was inherited). All nine grandchildren have either already graduated or will graduate in the next few years.

Fair enough, we did do starter jobs after graduating – it was the 1980s, after all – but we worked our way up.

I’d rather kids today weren’t denied a further education and didn’t have to 
stay in low-paid jobs.

This attitude of Fred sneering at university graduates is extremely outdated. Why should someone from the working class who lived in a council house and had free school meals be denied the right to better themselves? I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that.

Further education shouldn’t be the preserve of the middle classes – it should be available to all if they are encouraged and capable. Perhaps everyone should just know their place and not get above their station, eh? Gary Wright (BA Hons 2:1), London


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