A random couple crashed my wedding — I couldn’t believe the gift they left

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There are a number of things that can derail a wedding — from people objecting during the ceremony, to red wine getting spilled on the white dress.

Wedding crashers can also have a big impact on the special occasion, but for one bride and groom, two strangers who turned up unannounced ended up giving them a good laugh.

The random couple were staying at the hotel in Virginia, USA, where the wedding was being held, and decided to come along to the celebrations.

Ben Carroll, the bride’s brother, shared the bizarre story on Reddit, saying: ‘Halfway through a great wedding, I see my dad’s best friend hauling a drunk couple out of the reception. 

‘We thought it was hilarious and thought nothing more of it.’ 

However, a few days later, the bride and groom were left scratching their heads after opening a wedding card signed ‘Uncle David and Aunt Nancy’. 

Neither of them happened to have any relatives with these names, and weirder still, the card contained $11.54 (£9.01).

The random couple who crashed my sister’s wedding left a card with $11.54 inside
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As well as the cash, David and Nancy had written a message inside for the happy couple, which Ben felt was just ‘in-your-face trolling’. 

It read: ‘Cheers to a life filled with many special memories. We feel blessed to have been witness to your beautiful wedding. We wish you all the best in life.’

The pair double-checked with their family to make sure no one else knew where the card could have come from, but ultimately it seemed there was only one logical explanation. 

‘After some disbelief and extra confirmation there’s no David or Nancy, the whole (newly joined) family was beside themselves with laughter,’ Ben told Newsweek.

More than 33,000 people upvoted the Reddit post, with many sharing stories about their own wedding crashers, or people they knew who had done similar things, suggesting it happens more often than you might think.

A user known as u/Gareth79 said: ‘My mother’s friend goes to pretty much every funeral she hears about, we said because presumably of the free food at the wake afterwards. We discussed that you could read the obituaries in the paper and go along to several a day, you’d just have to memorise their name and pay attention to the eulogies to figure out your backstory.’

While u/Lord-Velveeta wrote: ‘That reminds me when we kind of crashed a wedding many years ago. A cousin was getting married and the reception was in a hall of a big chain hotel. That side of my family is kind of a drag and the reception was boring as F so my girlfriend and I decided to check out what else was going on in the hotel.

‘One floor down we found another hall with a large rocking wedding with live reggae music and all! We “wandered” in, and as we mingled basically told them we were guests at my cousin’s wedding upstairs and it wasn’t …read more

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